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Small team outsourcing for control freaks, bean counters,
and marketing gurus.

Frontdesk's small team outsourcing is the next big step in business productivity.

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Frontdesk puts high-quality, background-checked and pre-trained workers right at your fingertips. It's more reliable than online outsource marketplaces, less costly than traditional temp agencies, and customizable to exactly what your business needs. It's extra hands, without the extra hassle.



Total amount you'll pay in employment taxes, benefits, space, and equipment for your new Frontdesk crew.


Average yearly savings for each Frontdesk team member that you use instead of hiring an employee.


Total amount of attributable sales we generated for our outsource and marketing clients last year.


Small Team Outsourcing

Every business has recurring activities that are necessary but expensive to perform. The result is that you end up shorting or removing these tasks because they're too expensive to have your highest-paid employees working on.

We put highly-skilled but low-cost manpower at your fingertips. We builds small, virtual teams that are trained to understand and work on specific areas of your business; marketing, lead generation, social networking, research, data collection, technology, accounting...and free up more expensive employee time where virtual teams can't be used. The result? You're able to get much more done at a lower cost.

We provide small team outsourcing that actually works for business. Take a look at our pricing, then contact us and learn how this can work for you.



Number of countries that we work from and call home as well as the average Frontdesk crew size.


Percentage of outsourcing applicants who are accepted to begin training as Frontdesk outsource team members.


Percentage of team member with a college degree. Most common degrees? Engineering, nursing, and I.T.


Dedicated Hand Holding

Most companies like the idea of outsourcing, but they're worried about how they'll go about finding the right people, and then spend the time you save managing your new oursourced team. We understand, and we've solved that problem.

This ain't our first rodeo. We've been around this block before and we'll be holding your hand through the entire process; from working though your needs, to building and managing the perfect team size and structure. We'll make sure that not only is your outsourced team trained in the work that they'll be performing, but that you're trained in how to manage your team in just a few minutes a day. These systems are commonly used for only the most expensive outsourcing options, but we put them at your fingertips and make your operations hum.

Contact us and have a chat about what you can do to take advantage our small team outsourcing.



Number of countries that we've done work for on behalf ouf our awesome clients.


Amout of paid vacation and time off that our outsource team members receive. They also receive an extra month's pay each year.


The number of yearly hours each Frontdesk team member saves you that your other employees can spend doing something else.




You choose the team you need and Frontdesk does the rest—sourcing, hiring, training and managing your team to create a powerful outsourced team…without headaches. Just contact us and we'll get the ball rolling.
Outsourcing Trust

Dedicated Staff

We've honed our systems for maximum productivity. Your Frontdesk team works exclusively for you so that you can delegate small parts of your business that are repetitive but necessary. Small team outsourcing finally gives you the ability to align the cost with the task.

Outsourcing Trust

Friendly Pricing

Our simple flat-fee pricing lets you know up front how much each employee will cost depending on the team members skill levels you need and without any added charges or fees. No surprises...ever, and we can quickly scale up or down to meet your businesses changing needs.

Outsourcing Communication

Process & Communication

From sourcing your team, to managing holidays, vacation, payments and reporting, we handle everything and you'll receive regular calls to make sure that everthing's going smoothly. You'll always know exactly what your team members are doing, how long it's projected to take, and what's already been completed. You'll never be wondering what's going on.

Outsourcing Trust

Trust & Transparency

From sourcing, onboarding, and training your new team members, to managing thier holidays, vacation, payments and reporting, bonuses and supplimental costs, we know how this should work and we handle everything...and you'll learn to trust your team with more and more responsibility.

Outsource Training

Your Pre-Trained Staff

We've been doing this for a while and we've learned a thing or two. All of your outsourced staff will start work already trained in all of our basic procedures and will quickly get up to speed with any specialized requirements or task processes that you have.

Outsourcing Trust

Basic Outsource Training (for you)

Outsoucing can be intimidating, but we'll be holding your hand through the entire process. You'll learn exactly how to manage your team for maximum productivity without spending all of your time doing it. This is outsourcing the way it should be done.



Our Outsourcing Story

Frontdesk's Small Team Outsourcing is a labor of love for us, but it was born from a pain that's common to everyone; despite working 'smart', we spent too much time doing "work about work". This wasted energy – writing the same emails, tracking down information, compiling the same reports – slowed us down, reduced our output and keept us from setting larger goals.

We shared this frustration over the universal loss of productivity and concluded that the usual workarounds with freelancers and virtual VAs were failing us. They simply weren't able to support the scope or our ambitions. So they built a new outsourcing system around dedicated small teams that quickly became central to all of our own businesses and was rolled out to a few selected clients. As new businesses addopted it, the effect was palpable; there were fewer dropped balls, there was more time available, and they got more done with less effort.

The opportunity to vastly increase productivity was not unique to these early adpoters. We belive it's possible for every organization in the world. So, Frontdesk Outsourcing was started, with a mission to increase the potential output of every teams efforts: to empower people to do great things.


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