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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is today among the fastest growing marketing strategies.  A lot of business owners are trying to their revenues by offering their services and products in the internet. It’s getting very important to market yourselves properly in the internet.

Here’s why SEO can be a critical factor in marketing.

Many business owners believe that merely having an online presence is enough. So they set up a Facebook page, perhaps a twitter account and pay for a site hosting for their own website and call it a day. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to get you in the search pages. For search engines to get you at the top of the rankings, you’ll need to be referred to by other sites, preferably by other ranking sites.

The traditional marketing method, such as using paper media or television can only reach a limited number of people due to various reasons. It may be readership popularity, business markets or simply brand recognition. What’s worse, the more you spend on traditional methods, the higher your costs will be.

SEO, which is also a form of marketing method, if utilized correctly, can give you the benefit of worldwide audience at minimal costs.

To market your business, you can try telemarketing, running ads on TV or on paper. However, with SEO within your arsenal, once you reach the top of the search pile, anyone who is searching for your particular service will have access to your site. Even if they’re using different search engines, it will certainly increase your business a lot more.

If your business considers your website as your engine that drives you to success, in that context, you can consider SEO as the oil that and an SEO Expert as the mechanic. 


People who are turning into online commerce are steadily increasing. A lot of people are now realizing that having an online store offers an advantage compared to having to rent out office space. Aside from that, a lot of services are now being offered to online clients to maximize their income.

In order to be an effective online merchant, one thing you will need is SEO. However, it'll be pretty hard to start up a web store and start SEO as well, not unless you have enough manpower and resources.

Take note that dominating a very competitive industry is not very easy, especially if you're competing with brands or companies that have existed for more than a decade. That is why you need to avail of SEO services. Instead of training yourself to do SEO or (and most likely starting from scratch), it will be better for you to avail of SEO services. If your business relies heavily on online traffic, you can't afford not to avail of SEO services. SEO companies will certainly help you increase your rankings and increase your revenue.

When hiring an SEO firm, be sure that the following services are being offered.

Keyword Research

This is the basics of SEO. Every activity involved in SEO has everything to do with the keywords you want to rank for. You need to consider the number of searches for your keyword. Trying to rank for a keyword that only gets 5 hits per month isn't exactly what you'd call a lucrative business.

Link Building

Another necessary part of SEO is getting links out in the web. The more links you have, the better your site will rank for certain keywords. Every SEO firm should be able to do as much. However, make sure that they're doing white hat strategy. There are SEO companies that do black hat strategy. Admittedly, it can work for a while. Unfortunately, search engines like Google and Yahoo didn't hire PhD grads just so you can easily cheat them. I'm not saying black hat strategies don't work. In fact they do, but it's something that's short-lived.

Social Media Marketing

Increasing your hits will require you to delve into social media marketing. Almost every user of internet spends at least a few minutes, if not hours, on social media like Facebook, twitter, etc. Tapping into these can certainly expand your potential market.

If you’re running a business that relies strongly on the internet, you’ll have to do a little bit of SEO. And a component of SEO is doing article writing for SEO purposes. There are slight differences between an ordinary article and an article that was made for SEO. SEO writing is the process of combining good quality content and proper keyword usage. In order to do that, see the steps below.

Always start with keyword research

The logical thing to do if you want to rank for keywords is to do keyword research. There are many tools available in the internet, some of them are free. These tools allow you to determine which keywords you should be using by providing you the number of searches per month, among other details.

Identify topics of relevance

Make sure to choose the topics carefully for your keywords. Lately, search engines are getting in terms of identifying which sites to give in the search results.

Write the article

Write the article like you do when writing ordinary articles. The basics still apply, providing an introductory paragraph, the content and a conclusion. Be sure to write high quality, valuable content, something which people would spend some time to actually read.

Insert your keywords

Here’s the tricky part. When you already wrote the article that’s related to your keyword, it’s most likely that you’ve already used that keyword. Make sure though that you haven’t used the keywords too much because it might trigger some spam filters. Instead of repetitively using the same keywords, it would be good to replace them with what we call ‘cousin keywords’. That way, you get to increase the relevance of your topic without being labeled as spam.

Don’t forget to link back to your site

A good practice when writing the article is to make sure that it links back to your site. If you’re writing for your site content, a common practice would be to link back to your home page or perhaps another page in your site. That way, readers can easily navigate through different contents of your site. However, linking to different sites isn’t necessary for your own content.

On the other hand, if you’re writing for article submission (another common practice for SEO), it’s important that you don’t forget to insert the links to your site. Otherwise, the content you wrote will just be good for reading and gives you no benefit in SEO perspective.

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Nobody, and I mean nobody, loves traffic. That is if you’re behind the wheel of course. However, in the World Wide Web, everybody loves it. That is because traffic equates to money. The more traffic your site generates, the more money goes into you, whether it is through ads or purchases.

So, how do we go about creating that traffic? Are you so famous that a word from you will drive millions of people to go to a page, or perhaps buy a certain product? If so, then this article is not for you. For those who say now, here are a few steps you could take to increase your traffic.
Choose A Compelling Title.
People pick up a newspaper because of the headlines. Make sure your article has got a ring to it. Ask yourself, would you be intrigued about the article that you will decide to take the time to read it? Pick a title that communicates, that promises the potential reader what they're going to get.
Keep Up With The Times.
Be smart enough to know where you should be posting your articles. Companies don't place ads on dead-end corners. They put them in places where a lot of people can see. Similarly, choose the venue where your articles are sure to get exposure and use the right tools to promote them. A lot of people use Social Media. What's the top player? Make use of Facebook to get your article read.
Using Long Tailed Keywords
People who know what they're searching for typically search longer keywords. If you've done SEO on such long tail keywords, then there's a greater chance for you to end up in the top of the search pages. Remember, placing first on the search results will significantly drive your traffic. Just make sure that the global search for such long tail keyword is enough to sustain you. You must learn to find the balance between choosing the long tail keywords with enough traffic.
Use Positive Keywords For Your Titles
We are not referring to the keywords for your site. The positive keywords mean that you ought to choose keywords that will make your readers associate it with something positive. Take this for example: Instead of saying "learn", you may want to use "uncover" or "discover". Learn may be associated to chores while the terms uncover and discover may be associated to something mysterious or an adventure. 
Tell me, which one would you rather be reading, "Learn The Secrets Of Generating Traffic" or "Discover The Secrets Behind Generating Traffic".
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If you're starting a website and you want to put up some content, of course, you would want to know how much it will take to get the job done. This is almost true especially if you're not the one writing your site content and outsourcing it to someone else. You would want to have a pre-calculated idea of how long it will take to get the investment back.

This is true for all types of businesses. You don't just jump into any business without first looking into how much they cost, how long it would take and most especially the ROI (Return of Investment).
Unfortunately, these types of questions have little less than complicated answers because of many variables involved, be it competition, current prices, the target market. Nevertheless, we still continue to plan for them. In the case of promoting a website, we still ask ourselves, "How much content do I need to publish before I see concrete results?"
As you may already have guessed, the truth of the matter is, there isn't a right answer for that question. All of them are dependent on a lot of variables. When it comes to promoting the site, here are the variables that you will need to consider.
If you're main keyword is something that you only know, then one article may probably be enough to do the trick. Unfortunately, we always target those keywords that a lot of other people are also targeting. We call them money keywords. If you can come across a keyword that is seldom used (less competition), producing minimal content on it can surely put you on the top. Have you tried typing your name in the search engine? Check out the results.
Article Content.
Right now, search engines have been including the time you spend on pages as a factor in keeping you in the search results. If your site happens to keep the attention of your visitor for a few seconds or even minutes, then that might mean that your site has the relevant information that the searcher needs. 
Article Source. 
Most people now look into the authors and not just random pages. Some people subscribe to their favorite authors, courtesy of feeds. The more established you are as an author and the more followers you have will certainly produce an impact in your rankings.
Don't forget to always link your signatures to your site. Why else would you be doing article marketing in the first place right? When it comes to SEO, links will always be your biggest currency. The location of your links will be the ones to dictate the denominations.
Most site owners come up with articles (self-written or otherwise) and they do so on a continuous basis. If you happen to be working on the same product or field, your competitor will certainly have the edge over you if you decide to write one article and call it a day.
Unless Google (or any search engine for that matter) release their secret algorithms as to who goes on top of the search page, these are only a few of the factors that they consider. Their algorithms may be a secret, but it's no secret that the mentioned points above directly affect your rankings.
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Change is constant. Nothing lasts forever. Such clichés are applicable when we talk about earning from the internet.
What might have worked before may not have worked today. 
Even search engines constantly change their algorithms to adjust with the times. It is the goal of every search engine to provide their users the most relevant search results.Unfortunately, there are also people who try to find a loophole with the system to make their sites come out at the top. Before, simply stuffing your pages with your keywords and stuffing your meta data with the same keywords is enough to get you on the top spot of the search pages. Now, it won't work and it will even get you banned. 
Search engines are continuously changing their ways to make their system foolproof.
Even today, they've incorporated the location of the sites for local searches. People searching for potential goods that can be bought in the internet will find that the search results give more weight to local pages. In a way, this has brought concern to international retailers. However, that is a topic for another post.
Linkbuilding In New Ways
Explore different kinds of ways of linking to your site. Exchanging links is a thing of the past. Site owners have disabled html tags in their comments section because most of the times they’re flooded with links to different sites. In some cases, they are automatically converted to “nofollow” links which do not add value to your site.
In order find new ways of linkbuilding, keep watch for new platforms that programmers develop. Before, social media had initially the purpose of connecting people with one another. Nowadays, it’s one of the most preferred venue of advertising, linkbuilding or otherwise.
If you want to get on top of the heap, then it is only logical for you to change as well. Change favors the bold.





Starting a website is very easy. Getting people to go to your site is another thing. When starting a site, you may opt to send your site to some friends and colleagues. Try to build it up by word-of-mouth. However, there's nothing better than first on the top pages.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. You don't just create one link and expect to rank first. Unless you want to rank for keywords that generate a lot of audience, it's going to take a lot more than that.
Here are some tips that have proven to be effective as a first step to obtain higher rankings.
Research Within Your Niche
Everything starts with research. You need to do your research to find the keywords that will rank high. However, you need to make sure that these keywords fit within your niche. It would be a problem if you're trying to rank for "weight loss", which is a very popular topic in the internet, and your site is about computers.
Use Analytics
You can use free web analytics to help you choose the rich keywords in your niche. When we say rich, it means keywords that a lot of people search for. There are a lot of web tools in the internet. Some may offer membership fees and they provide additional information. However, as far as relevant information is concerned, all of them can be acquired for free. Google Adwords Tool is one example.
Write articles based on your keywords
Anybody can create links. Anyone can create a link to your site with just using your keywords. However, it takes much more effort to write unique articles that are based on your keywords. If you don't know the meaning of a word, do you go to a thesaurus, or a dictionary. A thesaurus gives you a one word equivalent while the dictionary gives you the definition of the word.
In the same way, search engines would refer people to pages with more helpful information and information can be synonymous to content. The more content you have, the more information you have. That's assuming that your content is not stuffed with just keywords.
It is not wrong to place your keywords deliberately within your articles. However, you need to maintain the balance between using the right keywords and maintaining readability of your article.


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