Content is King. If you want to go up the search pages, you'll need to come up with articles around your keywords. So if you think you've reached a moment where you've run out of ideas, here are a few tips that might be able to help you with more article ideas or perhaps create more content.

Break Up Big Paragraphs
If you have a long paragraph, it might be better to break them up. Put some headings and maybe you can even put more into the article.
Top Lists
Lists are always a hit especially during the start of the year. Top 10 resolutions, Top 100 To Do Before I die, etc. Look for a Top list or "Best of" list that will fit your niche.
Write Something New
Do you know something that nobody else knows? Do you have the first scoop of a story? Make sure you get it out first and you'll be a hit in the web.
Read Your articles aloud
Before pressing that send button, it might be a good idea to read your article out loud first. Doing so may help you catch some mistakes that you've made. Even the savviest writers cannot avoid making mistakes especially if their hands are getting ahead of themselves.
Write Questions
Though most content in the internet provide information, it may also be a source of information if you write an article that entices people to respond to you by answering your question.
Establish A Personality
Whenever writing, always give a part of yourself. People will know you through your writing. By establishing a persona, you'll be able to endear yourself to your readers, making them trust you more.
Create An Outline
Not unless you're an expert extemporaneous speaker, it would be helpful for you to create an outline of your articles. No one delivers a speech without following an outline. It should be the same with articles.
Use The Appropriate Style
Different niches should have different styles. You can't be professional in one session and suddenly be so casual. Look for the style that works best for your niche.
Don't Forget Your Audience
Remember that you're also writing for your audience. You want people to read them. So, make sure that when you're writing, you're considering the people that you're talking to.
With these 9 tips, we hope it'll help you create a stream of new articles.
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