People have been going on and on with efforts to increase their online presence through any means and now that has even included being rude to your customers, all for website SEO.

In case you didn't know, there was an article published in New York Times talking about a business which intentionally created bad customer experiences in order to improve their rankings. As a result, they did boost their ratings in search engines.

According to the merchant, you can generate complaints and negative complaints for your site. The main point of the article is that being bad on the web is good for business. Such an unorthodox approach, but can be considered ingenious to those who want visitors for that purpose only.

However, Google caught up with them and is now extending its efforts to provide search results that exclude those businesses. They developed an algorithmic solution that detects those merchants that provide very bad customer experience. They do not intend to disclose the details of their solution because of people trying to work their way around the Google ranking system.

Aside from changing their search algorithms to address this issue, they also penalized the business for doing such act.

It cannot be avoided that people will always try and find loopholes in the ranking algorithms. However, just to be clear, Google is making it clear that being bad to customers is bad for business in Google.

Remember that Website SEO's main purpose is to increase your online presence in order to get potential customers to come to your site. Building a good lasting relationship with them is your responsibility as a merchant as well.

If you spent all your efforts making bad publicity in order to increase your rankings, it may end up backfiring.

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