Your waiting room or lobby is a large part of your patient's experience. Transform that wait into a positive and productive experience for patients and their family members with our new waiting room DVDs for medical spas, day spas, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic physicians.


Typically "free" waiting room educational products come with a big catch—sponsorship ads—which detract from your business and, to be honest, look pretty tacky. Frontdesks's waiting room DVDs do not include any promotional messages or content, leaving you free to match your treatments and objectives to the story you're telling.

Each DVD contains only the information that you want and promotes the treatments that you offer, and because they play continuously and automatically repeat, they require no attention from staff.

Best of all, your new DVD will work for you all of the time with just one purchase. What other kind of advertising does that for you? Our waiting room videos really are the very best markeing you'll ever buy.