Shine Teeth Whitening is now using Frontdesk SEO for their online marketing.

Shine's got something of an interesting business model. They provide professional teeth whitening services for doctors offices. So instead of getting your teeth whitening trays from your dentist, you can pick them up at your plastic surgeons office while you're getting your Botox or photofacial. It's exactly the same service that dentists provide.

Better yet, they use stay-at-home Moms to make their teeth whitening trays.

From their site:

Shine Teeth Whitening Services provides professional teeth whitening services to medical offices while creating jobs for single moms, musicians, artists, and others who don’t fit well in the traditional 8-5 corporate world. Our technicians are trained by licensed dentists to create custom fit trays for teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost of obtaining those services from traditional dental office suppliers.

AuthorMedical Spa MD