People who are turning into online commerce are steadily increasing. A lot of people are now realizing that having an online store offers an advantage compared to having to rent out office space. Aside from that, a lot of services are now being offered to online clients to maximize their income.

In order to be an effective online merchant, one thing you will need is SEO. However, it'll be pretty hard to start up a web store and start SEO as well, not unless you have enough manpower and resources.

Take note that dominating a very competitive industry is not very easy, especially if you're competing with brands or companies that have existed for more than a decade. That is why you need to avail of SEO services. Instead of training yourself to do SEO or (and most likely starting from scratch), it will be better for you to avail of SEO services. If your business relies heavily on online traffic, you can't afford not to avail of SEO services. SEO companies will certainly help you increase your rankings and increase your revenue.

When hiring an SEO firm, be sure that the following services are being offered.

Keyword Research

This is the basics of SEO. Every activity involved in SEO has everything to do with the keywords you want to rank for. You need to consider the number of searches for your keyword. Trying to rank for a keyword that only gets 5 hits per month isn't exactly what you'd call a lucrative business.

Link Building

Another necessary part of SEO is getting links out in the web. The more links you have, the better your site will rank for certain keywords. Every SEO firm should be able to do as much. However, make sure that they're doing white hat strategy. There are SEO companies that do black hat strategy. Admittedly, it can work for a while. Unfortunately, search engines like Google and Yahoo didn't hire PhD grads just so you can easily cheat them. I'm not saying black hat strategies don't work. In fact they do, but it's something that's short-lived.

Social Media Marketing

Increasing your hits will require you to delve into social media marketing. Almost every user of internet spends at least a few minutes, if not hours, on social media like Facebook, twitter, etc. Tapping into these can certainly expand your potential market.

If you have been working online to promote your local business, chances are, you already have a Facebook page. Facebook has hundreds of millions of active users and it's the perfect venue for searching potential customers.

Once you've created your own Facebook fan page, what then? To help you with that, here's a list of tips to guide you with your Facebook pages.

Give them Free stuff!

I'm not talking about expensive stuff. You have to entice your potential customers to be a fan of your page. What better way than to offer something for free? Again, it doesn't have to be expensive. You have to convince them to liking your page in the first place.

Keep updating

A common mistake that people make is that when they set up their page, they expect it to take off by itself. It's like planting a seed and entrusting everything to nature to make it grow. Just like watering a seed, you need to keep updating your content. Give your readers a reason to come back to your page.

Establish a relationship

Remember that your fans are people as well. Create an environment where interaction will be easier between you and your potential customers or clients. Get to know them. Remember that you're in a social network so it's only logical for you to socialize.

Sneak Previews

Similar to giving away free stuff, give your visitors an incentive for being loyal readers. If you're planning on launching something big, give them a sneak peak to what you have going. This will encourage more loyalty from your fans.

Another way of making sure that you're getting the most out of your internet is by checking out your customers. Who knows, you might find some strategy that will be very useful to you.


All these talk about social media marketing and Facebook always comes at the top. Has anyone bothered to ask why it should be Facebook? Anyway, here’s a couple (a lot!!!) of reasons why Facebook has been the favorite choice of marketers and why it should be your favorite as well if you’re planning to put up a business or start an internet marketing scheme.

Microsoft showed a $240 Million interest in Facebook. That would mean a lot of activities and you can expect advertisers to follow.

Event Creation. In Facebook, it’s very easy to share and invite people to an event. People can RSVP through your Facebook Events as well.

The Facebook Ads. Setting up a Facebook Ad is very easy. What’s great about it is you can target people with the same interests. If you are trying to sell something about sports, Facebook has their own algorithms that will have your ads pop up on people that are interested with sports.

Facebook Pages. You can create a page, depending on the type you want, you can have a page for a local business, a fan page, a community page, so basically, it covers everything that you would want to market.

Facebook is now more popular than porn! Would you believe this? Recent surveys have shown results that college students access Facebook more than they do porn.

Very easy to share. If you have a Facebook account, you’ll probably notice how easy it is to share pictures, links, videos, and even notes. A simple share button will send to all your friends.

FBML. For those who want to put up their site inside Facebook, they now have a static HTML web page editor where you can control HTML code. FBML is actually “Facebook + HTML”.

As you can see, there may be a lot of social media networks available to you know. However, if you want to reach out to as many people as you can, you might as well get a Facebook account.


Are you one of those that wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is opening your Facebook page? Or perhaps those that twit every single activity of your day for your friends to know?

Social Networking has certainly made its way into our daily lives. Almost all who have access to the internet go online for two reasons, personal email and social networking.

Because of this fact, millions of business owners dove into this massive social media phenomenon in order to increase their sales. Tons of businesses put up pages after pages promoting their products and services.

For a DIY SEO, putting up a Facebook page can certainly be useful since a lot of them have been gathering some authority in the search pages.

Setting up a Facebook page is very easy. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for a Facebook account. This is totally free. Some people opt to create another account solely for business purpose. We don’t want our business meddling with our personal lives.
  2. Click on Advertising at the very bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Facebook page (Don’t click on “Create an Ad”). In this page, it will you give you an overview of what Facebook pages are. Once you’ve read through them, click on “Create a Page”.
  4. Select whether you want a community page or an official business page. Community pages are usually for those that have a cause or a specific topic in mind. However, if you want to create a page for your online business, choose the appropriate type, input your page name and select “Create Official Page”.
  5. You’re almost done! You will be taken to your page. Well, basically, your page is already active but with no content.
  6. Let Facebook guide you in “Let’s get started” tab to see what you need to fill in such as profile pictures, basic information.
  7. You’re done! You have your Facebook page!


What To Do Next?

What else? Share, share and share! You created your Facebook page for your business. It’s time to share it so the world may now that it exists.

Update your page regularly. If you have events related to your business, you should make an effort to keep your fans (your page subscribers) updated. Keeping your fans updated also encourages them to be active in your page which will convert to more fans.


Advantages Of Facebook Pages

As you may have noticed, it didn’t cost you a thing to create this page. However, with this alone, you’ll be able to share your business with anyone you are connected to in Facebook.


Paid Advertising

Website SEOs usually participate in Payperclick campaigns. With Facebook pages, you’ll be able to do the same. You can create ads that promote your page aside from the usual “sharing” of pages. You will be able to reach out to different users by using a PayPerClick campaign.

By using paid ads, your page ads will pop up on different users’ ad sections. The number of people that ad will be shown to will depend on your ad settings.

It’s a Website SEO’s job to establish the authority of your page in the internet. Creating a Facebook Page is only one of the many ways to do that.

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Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, laser clinics, medical spas, skin clinics and laser centers will all benefit from learning about the newest social media marketing tactics and strategies. Social media is growing and your cosmetic medical practice can benefit from it's growth with Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and other marketing and SEO SEM methods.