The title is a bit paradoxical isn’t it? However, it is certainly true. With Front Desk SEO’s DIY Software, you can expect results with as little as 5 minutes a day. Front Desk SEO is now one of the leading SEO service providers and it’s not only because of their expertise but because of their innovative DIY SEO Software.

With their software, anyone who’s inexperienced in SEO work can produce results as if they were professionals themselves.

Why You Should Get Front Desk SEO’s DIY Software

They’ve narrowed down their list of tasks to things that really matter. You can generate high PR links as well as other relevant links. There is no more need for wasting hours submitting your site to thousands of directories. Most SEO gurus nowadays consider this to be one of the undying myths in the SEO world.

At Front Desk SEO, they’ve bundled up their subscriptions to different packages which will cater to different needs. If you’re operating a local business and you don’t have visibility yet in the internet, it would be best to try the budget package. For a very low price, you get to do SEO tasks. The software itself is very user friendly that you can even delegate it to your personal staff. It can certainly make use of their extra hours.

Front Desk SEO’s Website SEO Services

If you’re not into using their DIY Software, they also offer various SEO services where your tasks will be handed down to experienced writers and SEO specialists. Leave the dirty work to them. This is an option for those who want to concentrate on building up their site. Most people pay other people for advertising so why can’t it be the same in the internet world, right?

Still, Front Desk SEO’s staff will be able to determine what’s best for your business or site should you avail of their services. Their experience and technical know-how will certainly be an advantage that you would want to have.

You Need SEO

At this day and age, it’s imperative that you do SEO for your website or acquire SEO services. Most big companies are paying advertisers and SEOs for a spot at the top and it will make it harder for you to place unless you do a bit of SEO yourself. As long as you do SEO and you’re doing it right, you can assure yourself a spot in the search pages. After all, all businesses, big or small, operate on the same playing field in the search engines.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take an expert to perform SEO.  All you need is a decent internet connection, a good computer and you’ll be able to perform DIY SEO for free. However, if you want to take it to the next level, you may want to shell out a few bucks for SEO software in order to get in the game.

Tons of internet marketing gurus offer free information on how to promote your site. If you go on to their websites, you’ll most likely see a subscription for newsletters that will show you the ins and outs of SEO. If you’re a newbie when it comes to SEO, this might be the best place to start. This free information will probably show you the most basic parts of the SEO process. That would be keyword research, backlinking, etc.

Majority of the SEO tools are free. When it comes to the basic tools, you can get them free online. Even keyword research, which is considered the primary process of SEO, can be done for free using Google’s Adwords tool. Using their online software for checking the profitability of certain keywords is one thing that even expert marketing guru’s make use of. The other half of the SEO process, which is building links to point back to your site, is also free, in a way. This can be done by submitting articles, posting in forums and even creating profile pages.

Once you’re fairly familiar with the SEO process, you’ll probably realize by then that in order to be an effective SEO, you will need to do a lot of stuff all at once. This might also be the time that you realize that you’ll need SEO software.  Being a DIY SEO is a tough job especially if you’re doing it all alone. Most people opt to do this if they want to put up a site and they don’t have enough resources to acquire SEO services. However, if you’re competing with a lot of other internet marketers targeting the same niche, keywords and market, you’ll have to get your game on. You’ll have to acquire SEO services. If not, then DIY SEO software will have to do.

With the help of technology, various programs are created that can make anyone play on the same field as internet gurus. DIY SEO software from Front Desk SEO ( is one of them. Their software offers step-by-step instructions in promoting your site. You also get more flexibility in terms of usage because they have various packages depending on your site’s needs.

Don’t go jumping into buying into SEO software without first getting acquainted with the process. It would be a good idea to first get to know the basics of SEO. Purchasing this kind of software is meaningless if you don’t exactly know the purpose of the program.



Website SEO (and SEO Software) is probably one of the hottest things on the internet every since the internet boom. It’s only logical that a lot of internet gurus come up with SEO software programs which can help you promote your site.

SEO is a rather broad topic and it encompasses a lot of tasks. SEO tactics may involve backlinking, editing your website content to increase your site relevancy and even modifying your site source code to make it more search engine friendly.

Because of the various tasks involved in SEO, in order for your SEO software to be effective, it has to have certain features.

Search engines return the pages that have the most relevant keywords. This doesn’t mean that if you’re targeting a keyword, you’ll just go on stuffing your webpage with your keywords in every sentence. This is where keyword research comes in. Effective keyword research should involve the money making potential of certain keywords.

Back in the olden days when the internet was still in its infancy, keyword research is so tedious that you’ll have to sit through hours just to find out if a certain keyword has a lot of earning potential. Nowadays, SEO software programs are able to do that with just a few clicks of a button.

SEO strongly involved studying how search engines work. It has been concluded, since the search engine companies do not wish to disclose their search engine algorithms, that the more links you have pointing to your site, the more relevant your site is. Thus, making you go higher in the search pages.

Many SEO software programs are capable of producing backlinks through different means. It can involve backlinks coming from articles in article directories, or backlinks from forums and blogs. However, it should be pointed out that these backlinks are only good for something if they are indexed. Search engines are now very vigilant in identifying sites that makes use of spamming and remove them from the search results. A good SEO software program should be able to produce indexed high PR links and do it in such a way that doesn’t make it look so spammy.

One of the proven tactics for SEO for all time is article submission. Of course, you still have to include a link to your site in each one of them. Aside from getting value out of the backlinks, it also has the advantage of driving more people to your site especially if they found your article very helpful.

It takes time to enlist to all the article directories as well as keeping tabs on all of the articles you send. SEO software should be able to do all the submission as well as monitoring of your articles.

SEO is vital for the success of any website. Whether it’s through editing your website content or making use of SEO software, you can expect all of these to truly increase your site rankings. 


Since most of the people who read my blog spend a good amount of their time in front of the computer, I thought I’d share some of the SEO website plugins I use to boost my productivity.

This post is inspired because of my latest favorite: LastPass.

I’ve always looked for a great solution to storing usernames/passwords but haven’t found it. I’ve tried keepass, roboform, and the built-in firefox password manager, all with very little success (they didn’t work to my liking).

Now, with lastpass, it stores all the passwords from all of my computers (AND MY BLACKBERRY!!!!).
It also tells me when it has user/pass info for me, something other systems didn’t always do.

Yes, it stores my passwords online, and yes, I’m probably giving up a bit of security with it (although, they don’t seem to think so), but I’m fine with that from the peace of mind I get by knowing I’m always going to be able to get back into the site.

Here are my other favorites:

  • Faviconize – I keep lots of tabs open all the time. Now, those tabs are smaller.
  • Session manager – because I HATE when I accidentally lose the 15 tabs open in my browser.
  • S3 Organizer – because it makes it super easy to put stuff onto S3. I don’t even have to open a new program!
  • Delicious – because keeping my bookmarks online and synced is priceless
  • LivePageRank – because I like to know what the PageRank is for sites, but I don’t need an entire google toolbar to tell me.
  • Multifox – because I’m tired of having to log my wife out of my laptop because she likes to use whichever one is closer to her!

AuthorMedical Spa MD

We're getting a growing number of full-service website SEO accounts from Medical Spa MD Members and additional do-it-yourself SEO accounts popping in all the time.

Read this review of our SEO software by a Medical Spa MD Member.

Since we've had so many Medical Spa MD Members sign up and begin using our SEO software or outsourcing their SEO to us, I though I'd comment on one of the most common questions that we get from plastic surgeons and medical spas that are just starting; keyword selection.

What are keywords?

Keywords (or key phrases) are what someone who is looking for a laser clinic or medical spa types in to the search engine. For many, selecting the right keywords can be onf of the most important decisions they'll make. If you select the right keywords your marketing efforts should see some pretty significant results after just a short time, but select the wrong keywords and you're going to be banging your head against the wall with little to show for it. So, lwhich keywords are going to be the most useful for Medical Spa MD Members?

Most Medspa MD Members are individual physicians who have a single medical spa, laser clinic, dermatology or plastic surgery practice. As such, they're targeting potential clients based on geographical location; a certain 'radius' around their practice that they typically pull new patients from.

This one single piece of info gives you the ability to be especially effective by using your geography in your SEO efforts. And since 85%+ of your potential clients are now using the web to find local businesses it's more than just a 'nice to have', it's imperative for success if you're looking to grow.

Selecting Your Medical Spa's Or Laser Clinic's Best Keywords

There's some good news here. If you're offering Botox, Dysport, laser hair removal, or photofacials, or you're using technology that clients might be searching for like Fraxel, Thermage, or IPL treatments, you can just stick your area code or location on the end (which is how people commonly search) and you're set; so 'Fraxel' now becomes 'Fraxel Manhattan', 'Thermage' becomes 'Thermage NYC', and 'laser hair removal' is now 'laser hair removal 90210'.

Of course there's a hitch. Just because you're being ranked for 'Fraxel NYC' doesn't mean that you'll rank for anything else. So, you'll need to keep up your marketing efforts on all the keywords that you're targeting at the same time. (This can be pretty difficult if you don't have a system in place.)

If you've got any existing website SEO efforts in place, you'll do better with just adding your local city or zip code to your normal process.

Website SEO: Where to start

OK, here's the plug; if you've got a business web site you should run a free SEO website report and see where you're ranking on the search engines and how you might improve. We offer this service (and it's a valuable one) so that you can see exactly how your site's performing at any given time.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

Frontdesk has always had quite a few accounts that start with our do-it-yourself website SEO software, and then switch to use our outsourcing community. I'm asking myself why that is?

Outsourcing your SEO to Frontdesk starts at just $179 a month for five hours of dedicated work from one of our SEO experts. That's a screaming deal by the way. There are are quite a few dedicated SEO agencies that use this software for their internal teams to do exactly the same thing, but they charge $100 an hour. In effect, outsourcing those tasks to our team is like getting a 60% discount. (And that's currently the most expensive hourly account we have. The other accounts are all at lower price points per hour.)

Of course we have quite a few freelance professionals and individuals who are just starting their business... and Frontdesk is a perfect solution for all those kinds of businesses... If you have the time to commit to five, ten, or twenty hours a month doing SEO instead of running other aspects of your business.

Most larger businesses, but not all, take a look at the time/money aspects and immediately take the outsource route. Some of these also start with a DIY account.

It just leaves me wondering what the though process is for starting with a DIY account?

My best guess is that new accounts want to see the actual process, and guage how the entire process works before turning it over to us. (Of course there are a number of clients who are having thier 'Frontdesk' staff doing the SEO so that makes some sense too.)

Either way, using our DIY SEO software or outsourcing your SEO to us, we love all of our clients and we know we offer the best value and results you can get.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

One of our fantastic clients is Glow, a medical spa that offers IPL, laser treatments, Botox and Smartlipo in Irving Texas.

All medical procedures performed at Glow are under the supervision of Rizwan H. Bukhari M.D.

Dr. Bukhari attended Johns Hopkins University, Southwestern Medical School and trained as a general surgery resident at St. Paul Medical Center in Dallas as well as a vascular surgery resident at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Dr. Bukhari is a board-certified vascular surgeon who has extensive experience in inectable cosmetic therapy and has published work on vein schlerotherapy.

Glow is a perfect client. They know enough about what the need to know that it's a job for experts, and they know enought about what they want to make our job much easier.

Over the next few months you can expect to see Glow's internet presence and search engine rankings rise. (Dr. Bukhari will be able to log in to  his Frontdesk account and watch this in real time of course.)

While plastic surgeon PPC campaigns have their place. SEO is a lasting presence that gives over time.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

There's a really nice review of website SEO and frontdesk over on Medical Spa MD.

We love it when our clients sing our praises!

If you haven't taken the tour or run a free SEO report on your website, now's the time. Your links are getting any younger.

Here's just some of the review... the parts that deal with us of course:

Link building can be very time consuming, but the FrontDesk SEO tool can really help you go out there and find the sites you should be listed on. This saves you a tremendous amount of time.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is changing in it's effectiveness all the time. In social bookmarking websites, users save links publicly (not personally on their own computers) to web pages that they want to store and/or share with others. Usually, these bookmarks are shared within an individual "group" someone may subscribe to (such as "Laser Hair Removal"). You can add descriptions to your bookmarks in the form of metadata, or meta tags, so that other users can understand what the content is of your bookmark without having to download it beforehand. Different types of "descriptions" can include comments or even reader's votes (favorable or not - like on YouTube or Digg). Again, FrontDesk SEO makes this process relatively easy.

Blog Commenting

MedicalSpaMD is a blog and, like most blogs, it is highly susceptible to spammers like we have all seen and Jeff so diligently tries to eliminate on a daily basis as it can be a true nuisance for people like us who use this site as a valuable tool for your practices.

If you want to find blogs to participate in and comment on, try to find quality blogs that are related to what you do as a profession. Again, FrontDesk SEO can help with this. And when you add your comments, try to make them content-relative because not only do your comments add value to the blogpost in general, they also have greater chance of staying on the blogpost with a link back to your website.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

Part 1: How to set up your new businesse Facebook account correctly.

Alex Panagiotopoulos of Freelance MD explains basic Facebook functions for physicians in cosmetic medicine in part 1 of a multi-part training videos.

The focus of this video is on buiding Facebook pages for cosmetic medical practices but these tips and techniques work equally well for any business.

Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, laser clinics, medical spas, skin clinics and laser centers will all benefit from learning about the newest social media marketing tactics and strategies. Facebook is growing and your cosmetic medical practice can benefit from it's growth.