We're happy to have Honolulu Medspa on board as a client.

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Honolulu MedSpa is the leading and most established medical spa in the islands and offers the latest and most effective non-invasive aesthetic treatments available. From virtually painless laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, skin tightening, sun spot treatments, CoolSculpting®, body contouring, cellulite reduction, acne therapy, spot & skin tag removal, microdermabrasion, oxygen facials and chemical peels, to Botox®, Dysport®, Restylane®, and Juvederm®, and Radiesse®, Our experienced team of physicians and skin care professionals are here to customize a treatment program that best meets your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

We're ecstatic that we're now handling the website SEO for the physician community at Freelance MD.

Here's some info about Freelance MD from their website:

Why Freelance MD?

For too long, physicians have suffered from inefficiency, disorganization, and careers at the mercy of bureaucracy. Freelance MD is an active community of physicians that gives you more freedom and control of your medical practice, income, and lifestyle... even if you're clueless about where to start and you're already working 60 hour weeks.

This site is defined by our insistence that physicians need to have control of their own careers and lifestyle and that whining about how you're not appreciated, overworked, and underpaid isn't going to get you anywhere.

Every part of Freelance MD is developed with the mindset that we want to provide clear options to physicians and empower them to make their own choices and take intelligent, direct action.

We think that providing the information and resources that physicians need to control their lifestyle and career is good for the public, good for the practice of medicine, good for physicians, and good business. That mindset, along with our fanatically loyal physician community and our awesome roster of contributing physician authors, has allowed Freelance MD to grow into a thriving community and trusted resource for docs around the world.

We're not interested in the useless hand-wringing that populates so much of medicine and that so many physicians have bought in to. If you're looking for another group of doctors who just sit on their thumbs, you've come to the wrong place.

But, if you want to take action to control your career, add income streams and improve your lifestyle, we invite you to join us.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

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Front Desk SEO’s Website SEO Services

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Frontdesk has always had quite a few accounts that start with our do-it-yourself website SEO software, and then switch to use our outsourcing community. I'm asking myself why that is?

Outsourcing your SEO to Frontdesk starts at just $179 a month for five hours of dedicated work from one of our SEO experts. That's a screaming deal by the way. There are are quite a few dedicated SEO agencies that use this software for their internal teams to do exactly the same thing, but they charge $100 an hour. In effect, outsourcing those tasks to our team is like getting a 60% discount. (And that's currently the most expensive hourly account we have. The other accounts are all at lower price points per hour.)

Of course we have quite a few freelance professionals and individuals who are just starting their business... and Frontdesk is a perfect solution for all those kinds of businesses... If you have the time to commit to five, ten, or twenty hours a month doing SEO instead of running other aspects of your business.

Most larger businesses, but not all, take a look at the time/money aspects and immediately take the outsource route. Some of these also start with a DIY account.

It just leaves me wondering what the though process is for starting with a DIY account?

My best guess is that new accounts want to see the actual process, and guage how the entire process works before turning it over to us. (Of course there are a number of clients who are having thier 'Frontdesk' staff doing the SEO so that makes some sense too.)

Either way, using our DIY SEO software or outsourcing your SEO to us, we love all of our clients and we know we offer the best value and results you can get.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

It's great to get emails on website SEO tips from our clients like those below.

Glow Medical Spa is a Frontdesk client that came through Medical Spa MD and offers cosmetic medical treatments and services like Smartlipo, laser hair removal and Botox in Irving Tx.

Glows been a Outsource SEO client of Frontdesk for only about 30 days, but they're already making great progress and have obviously gained a much greater understanding of what their internet marketing and website SEO needs are.

Of course we just got copied on the email that this physician sent to their website developer, but it's clear that this is one MD who understands that the internet is where the future of his medical spa is.

Here's the email.

As I mentioned to you before I have begun working with a med spa Internet marketing group that specializes in SEO. We are working on such things as blogs, social media, pod casts, and back linking to aggressively increase our Internet presence. Their name is Frontdesk SEO and I am working with Alex and Laurie. I am writing this to you to serve as an introduction to them. Obviously much of what you and they do overlap with respect to Glow and they may need to work with you in some capacity in the future. Their emails are included above.  Certainly most of what we ask you to do will come through me, but I still want you to be aware of them if there is any need for communication between you.

Currently we have come up with a few things that I would like to accomplish as near term goals.

1. It appears that a site map will help a lot with web crawlers and bots in indexing our site. We need to have one created. I see that there are some automatic site map generators. If they are appropriate, they may save some time and effort. Let me know what you think.

2. I have registered for google analytics and we need to install tracking code on each page of our website immediately before the </body> tag to aid with that. Instructions from Google are as follows:

3. Would you please let me know the key words and tags that we are using for each page. I would like to carefully comb over them and refine them for our purposes.

4. I now understand that a static website does not generate as much interest with search engines as one that changes regularly. To that end, I would like to incorporate my med spa blog within the website. From Frontdesk "Jeff suggested that for optimal results, we host the blog on your website. Can you ask your webmaster about her preferred method for doing so. It is pretty straight forward to embed a blog on a website (many ways to do it), so whatever method works best for her is fine with us." Perhaps you can come up with a way for me to upload blogs without having to bother you weekly to do so.

5. We have created a Facebook fan page. I would like to create a link specifically to that. The text for that should emphasize the frequent prizes, give aways, and beauty tips.

6. The following is some text that I am having Alex include with all of our press releases, blogs, etc. Would you please include something like this on the contact us page. Also, I would like to include a map and a link to a map site with our address pre inserted.

Glow Medical Spa and Salon is located in the Las Colinas area of Irving. It's close proximity to Highways 183 and 114 as well as I-635/LBJ and the George Bush Tollway make it very easy to get to from many areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It is just a half hour drive from Fort Worth and less from other surrounding areas such as Grapevine, Coppell, Mid-Cities, Lewisville, Arlington, Grand Prarie, North Richland Hills, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Southlake, North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Carrollton, Addison, Farmers Branch, Richardson, and Garland.

7. Under the book a party page would you please add a heading for med spa parties.

These are the things that have come up as most important in my discussions with Frontdesk. If you have any other suggestions, I would welcome them  Thank you so much in advance.

This email has had identifying information removed.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

One of our fantastic clients is Glow, a medical spa that offers IPL, laser treatments, Botox and Smartlipo in Irving Texas.

All medical procedures performed at Glow are under the supervision of Rizwan H. Bukhari M.D.

Dr. Bukhari attended Johns Hopkins University, Southwestern Medical School and trained as a general surgery resident at St. Paul Medical Center in Dallas as well as a vascular surgery resident at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Dr. Bukhari is a board-certified vascular surgeon who has extensive experience in inectable cosmetic therapy and has published work on vein schlerotherapy.

Glow is a perfect client. They know enough about what the need to know that it's a job for experts, and they know enought about what they want to make our job much easier.

Over the next few months you can expect to see Glow's internet presence and search engine rankings rise. (Dr. Bukhari will be able to log in to  his Frontdesk account and watch this in real time of course.)

While plastic surgeon PPC campaigns have their place. SEO is a lasting presence that gives over time.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

Medical Spa MD (who by the way uses Frontdesk SEO) is launching a great new series of website SEO videos for plastic surgeons and dermatologists who own or operate medical spas.

Here's what Medical Spa MD says about the series:

Since we get a lot of inquires around online marketing and conversion, I'm planning to do these as something of a regular series that breaks down common mistakes and how to implement some simple tactics that will improve your search engine rankings and visibility, and your site's conversions.

If you've got any questions after watching the video, please post a comment and I'll try to answer it there, and address it in future videos. The goal is that these will start out fairly broadly, but get much more specific. After watching just a few you should be much better equiped to make better decisions that could really impact your business.

And of course, Medical Spa MD includes a link to our free website SEO reporting tool.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

Hey! We've added a new area that includes a new user manual and FAQs for Frontdesk SEO sofware.

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