Article submission has always been one of the main activities in doing website SEO. These days you see sites that offer article submission services. One of the most prominent examples is Ezine. Now, you can see other sites as well that basically offer the same service.

One of the purpose of sending out articles is to create links that would users back to us. Not to mention that search engines rank your popularity depending on how many backlinks you have in the internet. Though links may have been the most primary concern of most webmasters, let us not forget that articles also serve another purpose and that is to provide content.

You may well be able to write a good article but unless you have a good title, no one will be able to read it. So how do you choose your title? Are you using the right keywords?

Let’s see an example:

Dog Training – Though this one may be a popular title, it doesn’t really say much about the article. Your title should be able to tell the reader what to expect when they take a first glance at your title. It should be able to lure people in.

Home Dog Training – This may be an improvement over the first one because it adds another aspect of Dog Training. However, there’s still so much information about home dog training. What is it about? Let’s see the next example.

Home Training Your Dog To Stop Biting – Now this one’s a lot better. It tells the potential reader what the article is about. From the title itself, clearly it’s saying that you’ll find information on how to train your dog to stop biting and anyone can do this at home.

An article only has value if someone is able to read them. By choosing the right words, you’ll be able to win the first half of the battle. The next thing is to be able to deliver what you promised through your titles. Then again, that would be a nice topic for another post.


Everybody knows that you need content for your site. Instead of looking at other sites and see what you can copy (for lack of a better term), here are some article ideas which can certainly help you create more content for your site.

How To Guide… If you know how to do something, write about it. It doesn’t have to be something that an expert knows. You’d be surprised at how many people would be searching guides like “how to replace a doorknob,” or “how to ride a bike.”

Advantages and Disadvantages… People like to know both sides of the coin when they’re getting something. In fact, it doesn’t have to be about things. You could talk about, “The Pros and Cons Of Backpacking.”

10 Reasons To… Compared to the article idea before this, this is much more of a one sided approach. If it were on the debate, you’d be on the affirmative side. Write about the reasons why things should be as they are or why should buy this, or why you need plenty of rest.

5 Mistakes To Avoid… Create an article that would help other people avoid mistakes that you’ve already made. Aside from having some content, you might get a lot of interaction from people that you might have helped.

The Problems With… This is a bit similar to the previous one. Well, the more you can write, the better.

Reviews… Write reviews of every product or service you know. A lot of people have made a living with this strategy alone.

Top 3 Myths about… Put a stop to people believing in things that are not true. I’m sure you already know the most common topic for this, Top Myths About Weight Loss.

Why I Love… You may share personal views about something you love. You may be able to engage in conversations with people who are interested in the same thing.

5 Secrets That… Show people the truth about something. The more intriguing it is, the better.

How To Make Money Using… This will certainly be a hit article especially if you’re showing people how to make money on something. Up to this day, people always search the phrase “how to make money”.

Just plug in your keywords and see what articles might be worth writing. As you may have noticed, this article is also an example of these article writing Ideas. To make it more obvious, this article should be entitled “10 Ways To Write Your Content”.


Are you one of those that wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is opening your Facebook page? Or perhaps those that twit every single activity of your day for your friends to know?

Social Networking has certainly made its way into our daily lives. Almost all who have access to the internet go online for two reasons, personal email and social networking.

Because of this fact, millions of business owners dove into this massive social media phenomenon in order to increase their sales. Tons of businesses put up pages after pages promoting their products and services.

For a DIY SEO, putting up a Facebook page can certainly be useful since a lot of them have been gathering some authority in the search pages.

Setting up a Facebook page is very easy. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for a Facebook account. This is totally free. Some people opt to create another account solely for business purpose. We don’t want our business meddling with our personal lives.
  2. Click on Advertising at the very bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Facebook page (Don’t click on “Create an Ad”). In this page, it will you give you an overview of what Facebook pages are. Once you’ve read through them, click on “Create a Page”.
  4. Select whether you want a community page or an official business page. Community pages are usually for those that have a cause or a specific topic in mind. However, if you want to create a page for your online business, choose the appropriate type, input your page name and select “Create Official Page”.
  5. You’re almost done! You will be taken to your page. Well, basically, your page is already active but with no content.
  6. Let Facebook guide you in “Let’s get started” tab to see what you need to fill in such as profile pictures, basic information.
  7. You’re done! You have your Facebook page!


What To Do Next?

What else? Share, share and share! You created your Facebook page for your business. It’s time to share it so the world may now that it exists.

Update your page regularly. If you have events related to your business, you should make an effort to keep your fans (your page subscribers) updated. Keeping your fans updated also encourages them to be active in your page which will convert to more fans.


Advantages Of Facebook Pages

As you may have noticed, it didn’t cost you a thing to create this page. However, with this alone, you’ll be able to share your business with anyone you are connected to in Facebook.


Paid Advertising

Website SEOs usually participate in Payperclick campaigns. With Facebook pages, you’ll be able to do the same. You can create ads that promote your page aside from the usual “sharing” of pages. You will be able to reach out to different users by using a PayPerClick campaign.

By using paid ads, your page ads will pop up on different users’ ad sections. The number of people that ad will be shown to will depend on your ad settings.

It’s a Website SEO’s job to establish the authority of your page in the internet. Creating a Facebook Page is only one of the many ways to do that.

If you’re wondering if it there’s a better way to increase rankings in the search pages other than linkbuilding, you’ve probably got another thing coming. For the foreseeable future, linkbuilding is currently and going to be Website SEO’s number one method for going at the top of the SERPs.

How To Do Linkbuilding

Depending on the site your building links on, there are sites that automatically convert URLs into links. When posting articles, some sites have plug-ins that allow you to add links automatically. However, for most of the sites, you’ll have to have a little html background in making these links.

Below is the syntax for putting backlinks:

<a href="">anchor text</a>

If you've done it correctly, you can expect to see this:

anchor text

Make sure that if you use this text, you are editing in HTML format, otherwise it will show as is.

As you can see, the html syntax for linkbuilding has two main parts, the URL address and anchor text. The URL address is where you will be redirected in your browser if you click on the anchor text.

Importance of Keyword Research

In Website SEO, the selection of anchor text is very important. Most would agree that the anchor text should contain the keywords that you are trying to target for. If you wish to rank first when searching “medical spa”, then you should use these words in your anchor text.

There are notions that, aside from the keywords you’re trying to get ranked for, it is imperative that you also use what they call “cousin keywords” in the anchor text. Unfortunately, unless google, or any search engine for that matter, discloses their search algorithm, all SEOs will have to hope that this method somehow adds value to the SEO process.

Natural Growth Of Backlinks

Since you’ve already figured out that in order for your site to rank first, you’ll have to have a lot of links. With this in mind, you might consider using black hat SEO wherein links to your site are generated by the thousands. There are software programs that are equipped to do that. Though it may get you at the top for some time, most Website SEO Gurus will agree that it will only be for a temporary basis.

Most search engines have already caught on to this and take this into consideration when ranking your site. Along with the number of backlinks you have for your site, they also take into account the age of your site. This means that it is important to establish a “natural growth” of backlinks for your site.

Do not be afraid that if you do Website SEO it would mean that you ruin your chances of getting ranked first. In fact, Google, as well as other search engines, recommend SEO for proper indexing of your sites. They recommend White Hat SEO techniques that are part of good design. You can never get too much links for your site. However, make sure to control how much they grow otherwise you might have wasted time and money in doing SEO.

We're getting a growing number of full-service website SEO accounts from Medical Spa MD Members and additional do-it-yourself SEO accounts popping in all the time.

Read this review of our SEO software by a Medical Spa MD Member.

Since we've had so many Medical Spa MD Members sign up and begin using our SEO software or outsourcing their SEO to us, I though I'd comment on one of the most common questions that we get from plastic surgeons and medical spas that are just starting; keyword selection.

What are keywords?

Keywords (or key phrases) are what someone who is looking for a laser clinic or medical spa types in to the search engine. For many, selecting the right keywords can be onf of the most important decisions they'll make. If you select the right keywords your marketing efforts should see some pretty significant results after just a short time, but select the wrong keywords and you're going to be banging your head against the wall with little to show for it. So, lwhich keywords are going to be the most useful for Medical Spa MD Members?

Most Medspa MD Members are individual physicians who have a single medical spa, laser clinic, dermatology or plastic surgery practice. As such, they're targeting potential clients based on geographical location; a certain 'radius' around their practice that they typically pull new patients from.

This one single piece of info gives you the ability to be especially effective by using your geography in your SEO efforts. And since 85%+ of your potential clients are now using the web to find local businesses it's more than just a 'nice to have', it's imperative for success if you're looking to grow.

Selecting Your Medical Spa's Or Laser Clinic's Best Keywords

There's some good news here. If you're offering Botox, Dysport, laser hair removal, or photofacials, or you're using technology that clients might be searching for like Fraxel, Thermage, or IPL treatments, you can just stick your area code or location on the end (which is how people commonly search) and you're set; so 'Fraxel' now becomes 'Fraxel Manhattan', 'Thermage' becomes 'Thermage NYC', and 'laser hair removal' is now 'laser hair removal 90210'.

Of course there's a hitch. Just because you're being ranked for 'Fraxel NYC' doesn't mean that you'll rank for anything else. So, you'll need to keep up your marketing efforts on all the keywords that you're targeting at the same time. (This can be pretty difficult if you don't have a system in place.)

If you've got any existing website SEO efforts in place, you'll do better with just adding your local city or zip code to your normal process.

Website SEO: Where to start

OK, here's the plug; if you've got a business web site you should run a free SEO website report and see where you're ranking on the search engines and how you might improve. We offer this service (and it's a valuable one) so that you can see exactly how your site's performing at any given time.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

Alex Panagiotopoulos of Freelance MD explains basic social media functions for physicians in cosmetic medicine.

This video covers your basic Twitter account setup.

Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, laser clinics, medical spas, skin clinics and laser centers will all benefit from learning about the newest social media marketing tactics and strategies. Social media is growing and your cosmetic medical practice can benefit from it's growth with Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and other marketing and SEO SEM methods.

Part 1: How to set up your new businesse Facebook account correctly.

Alex Panagiotopoulos of Freelance MD explains basic Facebook functions for physicians in cosmetic medicine in part 1 of a multi-part training videos.

The focus of this video is on buiding Facebook pages for cosmetic medical practices but these tips and techniques work equally well for any business.

Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, laser clinics, medical spas, skin clinics and laser centers will all benefit from learning about the newest social media marketing tactics and strategies. Facebook is growing and your cosmetic medical practice can benefit from it's growth.

Part 2: How to set up your new Facebook business account correctly.

Alex Panagiotopoulos of Freelance MD explains basic Facebook functions for businesses looking to leverage Facebook's avalance of traffic for local business.

Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, laser clinics, medical spas, skin clinics and laser centers are learning about the newest local search and social media marketing tactics and strategies.

Building deep links to your website

Another crucial element to incorporate into your link building is making sure that you deep link – this means that you must link to the inner pages of your site as well as the home page. This will not only rank multiple pages of your site but the effect of this increases Google's 'love' for your site - this is because the linking will look so much more natural than 100 links going to the home page and not 1 single link going to the inner pages - see what I mean?

THis is always the case. If your site is about actors headshots or lead capture then clearly you will have a large proportion of links going to your home page. But, you might have a number of review pages on your site and this is where you should be deep linking. Build links to your inner pages (choose your money pages such as review pages or product recommendations etc) and you’ll see the search engines giving more authority to your site over time.

Aim for no more than 60% of your links to be built to your home page and the remaining 40% to go to your inner pages. Perhaps even 50:50 as a ratio.

AuthorMedical Spa MD

From SEO Moz:

The following ranking factors were rated by our panel of 72 SEO experts.

Their feedback is aggregated and averaged into the percentage scores below. For each, we’ve calculated the degree to which the experts felt this factor was important for achieving high rankings as well as the degree of variance in opinion, estimated using the standard deviation of the contributors’ answers. Thus, factors that are high in importance and low in contention are those where experts agree the most that the factor is critical to rankings.

These guys know their stuff and this info is worth knowing.

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