People who are turning into online commerce are steadily increasing. A lot of people are now realizing that having an online store offers an advantage compared to having to rent out office space. Aside from that, a lot of services are now being offered to online clients to maximize their income.

In order to be an effective online merchant, one thing you will need is SEO. However, it'll be pretty hard to start up a web store and start SEO as well, not unless you have enough manpower and resources.

Take note that dominating a very competitive industry is not very easy, especially if you're competing with brands or companies that have existed for more than a decade. That is why you need to avail of SEO services. Instead of training yourself to do SEO or (and most likely starting from scratch), it will be better for you to avail of SEO services. If your business relies heavily on online traffic, you can't afford not to avail of SEO services. SEO companies will certainly help you increase your rankings and increase your revenue.

When hiring an SEO firm, be sure that the following services are being offered.

Keyword Research

This is the basics of SEO. Every activity involved in SEO has everything to do with the keywords you want to rank for. You need to consider the number of searches for your keyword. Trying to rank for a keyword that only gets 5 hits per month isn't exactly what you'd call a lucrative business.

Link Building

Another necessary part of SEO is getting links out in the web. The more links you have, the better your site will rank for certain keywords. Every SEO firm should be able to do as much. However, make sure that they're doing white hat strategy. There are SEO companies that do black hat strategy. Admittedly, it can work for a while. Unfortunately, search engines like Google and Yahoo didn't hire PhD grads just so you can easily cheat them. I'm not saying black hat strategies don't work. In fact they do, but it's something that's short-lived.

Social Media Marketing

Increasing your hits will require you to delve into social media marketing. Almost every user of internet spends at least a few minutes, if not hours, on social media like Facebook, twitter, etc. Tapping into these can certainly expand your potential market.

If you want to participate in social platforms, you're most likely to go to Facebook and Twitter. Their interfaces make it very easy for you to interact with other people. The same can be said with YouTube if you're into watching videos. In the case of updating your professional resume, there's LinkedIn.


Many would admit that they only use this platform when they're in need of it. You can chalk these instances to those when they're approaching the end of one career or perhaps when in search for another one.

For those of you who are not aware, LinkedIn is also a place where you can channel your marketing efforts. Here are a few tips for you to consider:

Let Your Profile Speak For You. When you create your personal profile, be sure to convey from the start what you're trying to achieve. Give your contact information and don't make up names. Also, make use of the three URLs you are allowed to use and optimize them for keywords you’re targeting for.

Extend your network. If you think someone can help you achieve your goals, extend an invitation to them. You can even import your contacts from other accounts but be sure to personalize each invitation. People tend to respond more positively if the messages accompanying the invitations are personalized.

Participate. Like all social networks, participate. Ask questions and answer them. Get in touch with other people and introduce them to other people who you think would be able to help out. Build connections that are helpful. Build a relationship, not just a connection with your colleagues.

Manage it properly. It only takes a few moments to manage your account. In that time, you'll be able to join groups and be active. Be conscious of what you say since this is not Facebook. This is a professional network.

Post relevant news. Unlike Facebook where people don't mind you sharing that you're eating cheerios for breakfast, update your status with relevant news pertaining to your industry.

Follow others. Keep up to date with the news of your industry by following the relevant people. You'll be able to receive updates on their status.




It is very important to increase your website presence through linkbuilding. Not only does it increase your readers, it also increases your chances of making money in the internet.

In order to increase your website presence, you need to do linkbuilding. Below are some linkbuilding strategies that will certainly be helpful to you.

Submit Articles. Submit articles on your niche topic and submit it to article directories for backlinking. Aside from getting links back to your site, you also get a lot of readers should people stumble on those articles. These articles are good sources of links as well as visitors.

Squidoo Lenses. Similar to submitting articles, create Squidoo lenses with links to your site. It only takes less than 20 minutes to create one. Another site similar to Squidoo is Hubpages.

Social Media Profiles. With Social media running rampant in the internet today, it only makes sense to make use of these opportunities to create links for your site. Places where you can create those links are through your profile pages.

Social Bookmarking. Another way to get your site noticed are social bookmarking sites. These sites are mainly for creating bookmarks across the web for sites that are interest the user.

Blog Creation. Because of the abundance of Web2.0 sites that can have you easily setup your own blog within 20 minutes, that's only short of telling that you can have your links published for free. Though these sites are not exactly created for this purpose, it's certainly one way of taking advantage of this opportunity.

Use signatures in forums. Forums have an option to use signatures when signing into forums. Most would use quotations, sayings, or catch phrases. In this case, instead of using those things, use a link instead to your site. That is if HTML tagging is allowed.

If you really want to improve your website presence, make sure to create links and create a lot of them. After all, you can never get enough links.



I may be going out on a limb in saying this. A lot of SEO gurus have time and time again told you that content is king. Have you ever heard the phrase "If you write it, they will come!"

Unfortunately, good content is not easy to come by. Others would say it is overrated. There's too much of them, it's very hard to come up with them, and worse, it's too expensive and time consuming to get the latest and groundbreaking news.

Converting content into returns is not very easy. Most of it is written for the purpose of using keywords. Though it may be able to catch the attention of some readers, the turn-out will always be a small percentage of the whole.

I guess you could say it isn't worth it. For some, that is.

Instead of coming up with "great content", it would be better to focus on creating connections. Social media networking or social bookmarking come are great examples of this. Instead of depending on search engines to throw readers your way, why not take a proactive approach? Stir up something, anything.

Create opportunities for members of your community to interact with one another. Introduce them, ask questions, interview them, do things that will somehow lead to more activity. This in itself helps in making unique content. Content can easily be generated especially if there are interactions. Generating content this way will make it very hard for your competitors to copy.

By doing this, you get to create a community that participates, not just read.

Anyone can google a keyphrase and just jump to the next page when they're done reading the article. They're simply guests. Anyone can be guests in your community. But I would rather have a participating community.


Blog commenting is one of the best ways of getting links for your site and a common practice for website SEO. Unfortunately, this led to blogs being filled up with crappy comments that don't even contribute to what the blog is saying.

Because of this, a lot of webmasters configured their blogs to moderate their comments before posting them. In order to get your comments approved and, more importantly, your links published, here are tips to consider.

Avoid copy/pasting. Though it is very easy to just copy and paste your comments for easier, it's not a good idea doing this because it's going to be obvious that it's spammy. Generic comments are going to be very obvious. You could also set up a template but be sure to add a few words in that’s relevant to the topic.

Spare a few seconds to read the blog. You actually don't have to read the whole thing. A simple skim of the blog will allow you to get a grasp of what they're talking about. Aside from this, what you can do is quote a part of the blog itself or someone else's comment.

Check formatting. In order for links to count, they must appear in link format. Most blogs are capable of interpreting HTML format. Remember the "<a>" tag? Use that to your advantage when commenting. However, some other sites autoformat URLs into links so you won't be able to use a different anchor text for your link. Still, the link will still be beneficial.

Choose a relevant blog. Before you do decide to comment on a particular blog, be sure that the theme of the blog your commenting on is relevant to the site your promoting. If you own a site about computers and you are commenting on a sports site, the links you’ll be putting won’t amount to much.  Even if you do get those comments posted, search engines may not put some weight in your links since the site you have links on are not relevant to your site.

Webmasters are particularly lenient when it comes to comments that actually add value to the content. So make sure that your comments contribute at least a little value to the blog.



Directory submission is still one of the effective ways to get links. However, effective as they may be, they still have their problems. Nowadays, you can find small web directories that mainly exist to swindle you. You can see them as paid web directory listings.

So, are they still good? Actually, they were and they still are for different reasons. Before, they are a good venue for web advertising. People used to go to directory listings to find certain things. That is until search engines took over. Still, they have their value in terms of links. And you know what they say in order to get to the top; you need links, links and links.

In order to get to the top of the search pages, you need to have a number of links. However, not all links have the same weight. If you're operating a site on flower arranging services, it wouldn't have a lot of weight if you find that link in gaming sites.

Most directories have human editors where they scrutinize your site before posting it in their directory. This means that in order for your site to get posted in theirs, you'll need to adhere to some rules and guidelines first. This way, your site will be categorized accordingly. Search engines make use of this information to check what kind of site you have as well.

On the downside of submitting to web directories, there are a lot of web directory lists online and it's getting hard to find one that will actually provide value to you. A lot of the web directories that people go to are even obsolete, due to relying on search engines for quicker searches. Most Website SEOs would consider pagerank as a factor for choosing web directories.

Submitting to a directory listing is still considered an effective online SEO strategy. Look for a directory list that is updated regularly and has human editors. Find a directory listing that is related to your website because not all directory listings cater to all topics. Again, pagerank is one thing to consider. By doing this, you'll be able to save money and improve your profits.


Operating a site means you'll have to have readers. Getting readers from links and search engine results may already give you a leg up. However, it's maintaining them that should be one of your priorities.

In order to keep your readers or "accidental" visitors, you have to keep your readers or visitors interested by following a few simple tips.

Always keep things fresh. Most readers come back in order to see updates. If you'll go on a month without at least an update, your readers may decide to look for something more interesting. Nowadays, almost every site updates their news or blog at least once day. Heck, there's even some that does more than that. You can entertain your readers with news or current events.

Share what you know. If you know something, share it. People appreciate that. However, make sure that what you know is somehow important to people reading it. Always make a point to make content that's worth reading.

Have a sense of Humor. A lot of people want to be entertained. That's why we turn on the radio when we drive. We listen to music; we listen to DJ's crack jokes. People like to be entertained even when they're in front of the computer.

Be unique. Though I may already sound like a broken record by saying this, I'll still emphasize that you need to be unique. People often read to know other's points of view. As an "expert" in your field, they would want to know what your opinion is on certain matters. Remember, it doesn't always have to conform to your readers' opinions. That way, if one of your readers disagrees, you can engage in a healthy exchange of comments.

Write something that people want to read. Create an article for readers, not spiders. There's really no point stuffing articles with keywords that may be able to pull in readers on the first round but fail to deliver in the next rounds. People are smart enough to know if an article really has value to them.

Share technical expertise. If you're an expert in something, share it. If you're not, find someone who knows what he's talking and have him make some content for you. Well, another way would be to write about someone sharing an opinion, what with he being an expert and all, about something he's expert in.

Encourage them. Ask and you shall receive. Did you ever ask your readers to come back? A simple "come back for the next issue of..." You may be surprised that there are readers that actually respond to these requests. Perhaps you should try "Bookmark us by pressing Ctrl + D."

Improve your design. How your site looks also affect your readers desire to stay or go. Make sure that it doesn't look like something that came out of the ADs Section of a newspaper. Also, you might consider putting in some plug-ins that may enable your readers to easily share your site. Put in some twitter, Facebook or even blogger plug-ins. People won't hesitate to share things that they find entertaining, informational and helpful.

Keep your readers coming back. Even if you don't make a sale, or even if they don't click your ads, sooner or later, someone's bound to come back and say, "Hey, that's just what I need!"


If you have been working online to promote your local business, chances are, you already have a Facebook page. Facebook has hundreds of millions of active users and it's the perfect venue for searching potential customers.

Once you've created your own Facebook fan page, what then? To help you with that, here's a list of tips to guide you with your Facebook pages.

Give them Free stuff!

I'm not talking about expensive stuff. You have to entice your potential customers to be a fan of your page. What better way than to offer something for free? Again, it doesn't have to be expensive. You have to convince them to liking your page in the first place.

Keep updating

A common mistake that people make is that when they set up their page, they expect it to take off by itself. It's like planting a seed and entrusting everything to nature to make it grow. Just like watering a seed, you need to keep updating your content. Give your readers a reason to come back to your page.

Establish a relationship

Remember that your fans are people as well. Create an environment where interaction will be easier between you and your potential customers or clients. Get to know them. Remember that you're in a social network so it's only logical for you to socialize.

Sneak Previews

Similar to giving away free stuff, give your visitors an incentive for being loyal readers. If you're planning on launching something big, give them a sneak peak to what you have going. This will encourage more loyalty from your fans.

Another way of making sure that you're getting the most out of your internet is by checking out your customers. Who knows, you might find some strategy that will be very useful to you.


Everybody wants to be placed at the top of every search engine. So how does one do it? What we'll talk about today is to help you develop a sensible strategy in promoting your website.

Have you ever asked yourself, how does a search engine choose which one goes at the top?

The truth of the matter is, every search engine has their own "top secret" formula or algorithms to calculate whether you should go at the top. There goal is to provide the most relevant, up-to-date pages for every search query. In order to do this, they are continuously battling against SEO experts who would seek to turn the favor into their clients.

Black Hat and White Hat Website SEO

There are basically two strategies in getting on top, namely Black Hat and White Hat. White hat is the kind of Website SEO that search engines approve of. It is by providing quality, relevant, and timely information.

Black hat on the other hand refers to strategies that try to circumvent that and is a why synonymous to cheating. Black hat strategies can work. However, these "techniques" can only work for a while since smart people at Google can figure out what you're doing and get rid of that loophole. This can even get you banned.

No one can really be certain what affects the rankings. However, there are those that have been proven time and time again. It also makes sense considering the goal that search engines have.

Quality Themed Content. This is more than just stuffing your articles with your keywords. Search engines are getting better at determining the themes where your links are at. Search engines determine the themes through "latent semantic indexing". It's another way of saying that some artificial intelligence is capable of checking whether the sites that have your links have the same theme, or basically similar to your site.

All Links Are Not Made Equal

Links with the same theme as your site can have more weight than those links that come from sites that are unrelated to your site. In other words, if you're trying to promote a baking site, your links from a baking blog can have more weight than links from a gardening site.

Can Anyone Guarantee A Number One Placement?

The answer is NO! No SEO consultant can guarantee Top placement. All they can guarantee are actions that can try to get you there. Not unless he owns the search engine of course.


Have you logged on to an online stoe and see that the shops are offering prices at 50 to 70% discount? They all sound too good to be true right? Well, as a matter of fact, they actually are.

What’s it all about? This is a new trend of online business strategy that takes advantage of bulk buying. This strategy was actually popularized by china where buyers group together in order to have bargaining leverage.

This results to a Win-Win situation where buyers are happy since they get the merchandise at a cheaper price and the seller is happy because he gets to sell a lot at one time.

Groupon was the first one to implement this strategy online since 2008. Because of its supposed effectiveness, a lot of major players have decided to join in like Livingsocial, Tippr, etc.

Now, if you’re a service provider (or perhaps a seller), this can be a great venue for you to increase your sales.

“How will it increase my sales when I’m lowering my prices?”

The Real Purpose

Well, the truth of the matter is, this initial exposure of providing massive discounts is only the first step. The purpose of availing of this is to let consumers know of your products. With prices dropping as low as 30% of the initial cost, you can only expect buyers to rush in. Some suppliers will even go lower than that just to make sure they are totally visible in the market.

As I’ve said before, this is only the first step. The next thing that you have to guarantee is customer satisfaction.  A lot of customers are willing to come back around as full-paying customers especially if they figured out that your products are worth it.

Remember, that in order for this to be effective, you’ll need to have a quality product or service being offered. Otherwise, you’ll just be concentrating on dropping your prices. This is a losing formula.

There’s Always Room For improvement.

In order to offset your chances of having more customers, especially returning customers, make use of customer reviews. Aside from positive feedback driving more and more customers in, the negative feedback allows you to improve and possibly reinvent your products and services in order to make it better.

In short, Group buying gets you customers. Customer Reviews are for you to continuously improve.


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