As we approach year 2011, there are now a lot of changes that we have to go through. With mobile technology alone, there are a lot of tablets being released that offer more than just a book reader. With these mobile gadgets, you can now interact engage in various forms of social media interaction.

Along with the sudden outburst of social media apps on various mobile gadgets, you can also expect many local businesses to start integrating some of their marketing with location based strategies. There are tools like FourSquare and Gowalla that certainly help. Mobile phones are equipped with GPS that allow local businesses to be found also when a user is navigating.

Video Streaming will be hotter than ever. With internet usage getting cheaper as time goes by and as infrastructure goes faster, it will be more practical to spend more time in front of the computer than in front of the television.

SEO will be moving towards Social Media Optimization. SEO is now a bit outdated considering that majority of the people accessing the internet is accessing it because of social media. Facebook alone gets at least 25% of the page views. If you want to be visible online, then you'll have to optimize your site for social networks like Facebook, YouTube and even Twitter. Luckily for us, these resources are all free. Of course, there are still some PPC campaigns for the hardcore marketers.

More Videos than ever. More online marketers are now using videos to keep their sites entertaining as well as interactive. Who can blame them? People respond to these sites more positively because they are an eye candy. Now, pictures do not simply cut it anymore. Additionally, because search engines put more weight on pages that have more content, meaning text, pictures or videos, you can expect the net to be flooded with more videos for promotional purposes.

What about you? Are you expecting something for 2011? Care to share your thoughts?

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