If you're starting a website and you want to put up some content, of course, you would want to know how much it will take to get the job done. This is almost true especially if you're not the one writing your site content and outsourcing it to someone else. You would want to have a pre-calculated idea of how long it will take to get the investment back.

This is true for all types of businesses. You don't just jump into any business without first looking into how much they cost, how long it would take and most especially the ROI (Return of Investment).
Unfortunately, these types of questions have little less than complicated answers because of many variables involved, be it competition, current prices, the target market. Nevertheless, we still continue to plan for them. In the case of promoting a website, we still ask ourselves, "How much content do I need to publish before I see concrete results?"
As you may already have guessed, the truth of the matter is, there isn't a right answer for that question. All of them are dependent on a lot of variables. When it comes to promoting the site, here are the variables that you will need to consider.
If you're main keyword is something that you only know, then one article may probably be enough to do the trick. Unfortunately, we always target those keywords that a lot of other people are also targeting. We call them money keywords. If you can come across a keyword that is seldom used (less competition), producing minimal content on it can surely put you on the top. Have you tried typing your name in the search engine? Check out the results.
Article Content.
Right now, search engines have been including the time you spend on pages as a factor in keeping you in the search results. If your site happens to keep the attention of your visitor for a few seconds or even minutes, then that might mean that your site has the relevant information that the searcher needs. 
Article Source. 
Most people now look into the authors and not just random pages. Some people subscribe to their favorite authors, courtesy of feeds. The more established you are as an author and the more followers you have will certainly produce an impact in your rankings.
Don't forget to always link your signatures to your site. Why else would you be doing article marketing in the first place right? When it comes to SEO, links will always be your biggest currency. The location of your links will be the ones to dictate the denominations.
Most site owners come up with articles (self-written or otherwise) and they do so on a continuous basis. If you happen to be working on the same product or field, your competitor will certainly have the edge over you if you decide to write one article and call it a day.
Unless Google (or any search engine for that matter) release their secret algorithms as to who goes on top of the search page, these are only a few of the factors that they consider. Their algorithms may be a secret, but it's no secret that the mentioned points above directly affect your rankings.
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