Change is constant. Nothing lasts forever. Such clichés are applicable when we talk about earning from the internet.
What might have worked before may not have worked today. 
Even search engines constantly change their algorithms to adjust with the times. It is the goal of every search engine to provide their users the most relevant search results.Unfortunately, there are also people who try to find a loophole with the system to make their sites come out at the top. Before, simply stuffing your pages with your keywords and stuffing your meta data with the same keywords is enough to get you on the top spot of the search pages. Now, it won't work and it will even get you banned. 
Search engines are continuously changing their ways to make their system foolproof.
Even today, they've incorporated the location of the sites for local searches. People searching for potential goods that can be bought in the internet will find that the search results give more weight to local pages. In a way, this has brought concern to international retailers. However, that is a topic for another post.
Linkbuilding In New Ways
Explore different kinds of ways of linking to your site. Exchanging links is a thing of the past. Site owners have disabled html tags in their comments section because most of the times they’re flooded with links to different sites. In some cases, they are automatically converted to “nofollow” links which do not add value to your site.
In order find new ways of linkbuilding, keep watch for new platforms that programmers develop. Before, social media had initially the purpose of connecting people with one another. Nowadays, it’s one of the most preferred venue of advertising, linkbuilding or otherwise.
If you want to get on top of the heap, then it is only logical for you to change as well. Change favors the bold.