It's not possible to force your business in your community. You incorporate your community with your business. This means that you'll have to change. Changes are needed within your company, your product, and even your marketing strategies.

Your Company Needs To Change
We're not saying you should overhaul your company. What we mean is that your company needs to adapt to the changes within your community. You will have to work with the people you want to reach. Your staff should be interacting with the members of your community. In other words, there should be communication between your company and your community. You need to respond to queries, discuss ideas and, most importantly, befriend members. The community should feel that your company is part of the community.
Your Products and Services Need To Change
Not all products and services are marketable (depending on your community). You need to listen to your community and see what it needs. "See a need, Fill a need". You can also encourage your community members with first time incentives, or perhaps give community members a discount. One good idea would be to automate it. If someone makes a purchase or avails of your service, you can automatically give him a community member's account.
Your Promotion Needs To Change
Your promotion should be integrated within your community. You can promote within your community members first. Also, you can ask members for ideas to make help the promotion more. In using your marketing and advertising resources, you also get to promote your community as well.
Your Website Needs To Change
Keep your website up to date. To entice your community into action, make the community elements the central elements of your theme. Encourage interaction within your site by bringing the community at the forefront of the site. Provide elements such as chat capability where members can talk about products. This is also a form of feedback that will certainly help you improve your products and services.
Your Pricing Needs To Change
Give incentives to your members, such that they will think that it is to their advantage that they are part of the community. Provide bonuses or free products to the most active community members.
There are a lot of ways of integrating your business into your community. You should consider each and every one of them. If your community is well integrated with your business, then you can be assured of its success.