Since the creation of search engines, people have been trying to get on top of the search pages by employing certain techniques. Unfortunately, since the internet has evolved since, we could expect their algorithms to have also changed. What might have worked before may certainly not work today. Here are a few of the Website SEO “myths” that you should know about.

Sending your site to thousands of directory sites is an important part of Website SEO. Some SEO consultants still advise or offer directory submission services. This may seem logical since in order for your site to be at the top, a lot of sites should be able to refer to your site.

Meta keywords are still useful. This involves stuffing your META with your desired keywords. This may have worked during the infancy of search engines. Unfortunately, this does not apply anymore. In order to gauge the relevancy of a certain site, search engines like google and yahoo also have other criteria. It may include the usage of your keywords in the site as well as other “cousin keywords”

One time Website Fix is good forever. Majority of SEO firms offer a one-time deal for some of their customers saying that it will keep your site ranked on the top forever. Don’t believe this. SEO is an ongoing process. Ask yourself this question, “Why would google put my site, which was last updated years ago, in the results pages over fresh new sites that update regularly?” Acquiring services like these may be able to get you in the top of the search pages but it won’t keep you there unless you keep on updating your site.

Guaranteed Rankings. Sadly, there are some SEO firms that promise ranking. This is clearly a myth. There is no firm that can guarantee continuous top ranking in ANY search engine. Website SEO is an ongoing process. You will have to do SEO permanently or intermittently to guarantee continuous ranking.

Website SEO costs a lot. Actually, it will not even you cost anything if you’re doing it yourself. If you own a personal site, it is possible to do DIY SEO without spending anything for SEO. PPC, on the other hand, costs a lot more.

Make sure to know which SEO techniques actually work. You may end up spending a lot.