Frontdesk has always had quite a few accounts that start with our do-it-yourself website SEO software, and then switch to use our outsourcing community. I'm asking myself why that is?

Outsourcing your SEO to Frontdesk starts at just $179 a month for five hours of dedicated work from one of our SEO experts. That's a screaming deal by the way. There are are quite a few dedicated SEO agencies that use this software for their internal teams to do exactly the same thing, but they charge $100 an hour. In effect, outsourcing those tasks to our team is like getting a 60% discount. (And that's currently the most expensive hourly account we have. The other accounts are all at lower price points per hour.)

Of course we have quite a few freelance professionals and individuals who are just starting their business... and Frontdesk is a perfect solution for all those kinds of businesses... If you have the time to commit to five, ten, or twenty hours a month doing SEO instead of running other aspects of your business.

Most larger businesses, but not all, take a look at the time/money aspects and immediately take the outsource route. Some of these also start with a DIY account.

It just leaves me wondering what the though process is for starting with a DIY account?

My best guess is that new accounts want to see the actual process, and guage how the entire process works before turning it over to us. (Of course there are a number of clients who are having thier 'Frontdesk' staff doing the SEO so that makes some sense too.)

Either way, using our DIY SEO software or outsourcing your SEO to us, we love all of our clients and we know we offer the best value and results you can get.

AuthorMedical Spa MD