Medical Spa MD (who by the way uses Frontdesk SEO) is launching a great new series of website SEO videos for plastic surgeons and dermatologists who own or operate medical spas.

Here's what Medical Spa MD says about the series:

Since we get a lot of inquires around online marketing and conversion, I'm planning to do these as something of a regular series that breaks down common mistakes and how to implement some simple tactics that will improve your search engine rankings and visibility, and your site's conversions.

If you've got any questions after watching the video, please post a comment and I'll try to answer it there, and address it in future videos. The goal is that these will start out fairly broadly, but get much more specific. After watching just a few you should be much better equiped to make better decisions that could really impact your business.

And of course, Medical Spa MD includes a link to our free website SEO reporting tool.

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