If you own a business and you don't have an online presence in social media networks, it may be time for you to start to consider having one.

According to the latest stats, people spend a lot of time in the web and approximately 23% of those are time spent in Twitter and Facebook.

Marketing agencies also keep themselves abreast with the trends of today's society. Whether it's just a post of your favorite shoes, dress or even movie, Social media takes all of that data and pools together some information that can help almost any business with their ad campaign.

Right now, almost half of the population falls under the age of 30. Almost all of which are part of an online group or network. We spent more than half of our waking time in front of computers. And this is not limited to youngsters. Even people of middle age and old age groups turn to this medium in order to connect with people.

In order to maximize your profits, you have to increase your sales and decrease your expenses. Considering that scenario, wouldn't having an online presence benefit your business? These two reasons should be enough for every business to consider going into social media.

It’s Free! Subscribing to paid advertisement in television is now getting more costly than ever. Yet, most of the advertising venues on social media border on being free. Wouldn't that be more advantageous for your business? You are able to reach more audiences through the internet depending on the medium you are in, whether it's Facebook or Twitter.

It's actually a lot more cost effective to create an online presence than it is to have your ads run across the television stations. In fact, if you have enough know-how, coupled with a bit of website SEO efforts, you can even maximize the exposure of your business.

More Audiences. You can basically connect with anyone in the world today. Though this has already been brought about by the creation of the internet, the creation of social media basically strengthened this fact. With people logging in almost every day in social media sites, there’s no telling how many people you can reach just by signing up.

So, still think resorting to social media isn't worth it?