When You own a site, or perhaps a blog, it is important for you to allot time optimizing your blog.

By optimizing your blog, you speed the loading time of your site, and you can improve your ranking in the search pages. Yes, search engines now place higher preference to those sites that load faster. Aside from search engines, human readers also like it better compared to slow loading blogs.

In order to optimize your blog, consider the following tips:

Get rid of Stuff that isn’t used.

You may consider putting almost every known eye candy in your front page. However, the more stuff you have to load, obviously, the longer it's going to take. The best place to start optimizing your blog is to kill off elements that don't get used a lot. You can get rid of those Poll side bar, remove ad spots and you can decrease the number of photos that are loading. A simple change of loading 15 to 9 images can impact loading time as much as 40%.

Disable Plugins.

Getting rid of some plugins can have a significant factor in your blog's performance. Be wary with installing Wordpress plugins since a lot of them may not be efficiently coded and can slow down your blog. The worst it can do is make your blog unsecure. Delete plugins which you know are inactive. You can delete "recent comment" or "poll" widgets and readers wouldn't even notice the difference.

Enable Cache.

As soon as you get a lot of traffic, you will need a cache system. This will allow you to speed up the loading time.

Strip the images.

Websites are a lot nicer when there are images. Unfortunately, these greatly affect loading time. You should smush the images in order to increase speed. By smushing your images, it strips them from meta data, it optimizes compression, gets rid of unused colors from indexed images.

Improve Web Host Choice.

Having a good host is definitely one of the factors that will affect your rankings. If you have a host that's offline or having maintenance all the time, aside from losing all those times, you'll have a hard time getting indexed because your host may not be active when it is being crawled. You may have missed a critical indexing. Apart from crawlers, having a good host can also guarantee rankings especially if your host has a good environment. By good environment, we mean they host sites that aren't banned because of malicious content.

These are only a few tips to optimize your site. However, by taking note of these examples, you'll surely be in a lot better position that you were before.


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