Directory submission is still one of the effective ways to get links. However, effective as they may be, they still have their problems. Nowadays, you can find small web directories that mainly exist to swindle you. You can see them as paid web directory listings.

So, are they still good? Actually, they were and they still are for different reasons. Before, they are a good venue for web advertising. People used to go to directory listings to find certain things. That is until search engines took over. Still, they have their value in terms of links. And you know what they say in order to get to the top; you need links, links and links.

In order to get to the top of the search pages, you need to have a number of links. However, not all links have the same weight. If you're operating a site on flower arranging services, it wouldn't have a lot of weight if you find that link in gaming sites.

Most directories have human editors where they scrutinize your site before posting it in their directory. This means that in order for your site to get posted in theirs, you'll need to adhere to some rules and guidelines first. This way, your site will be categorized accordingly. Search engines make use of this information to check what kind of site you have as well.

On the downside of submitting to web directories, there are a lot of web directory lists online and it's getting hard to find one that will actually provide value to you. A lot of the web directories that people go to are even obsolete, due to relying on search engines for quicker searches. Most Website SEOs would consider pagerank as a factor for choosing web directories.

Submitting to a directory listing is still considered an effective online SEO strategy. Look for a directory list that is updated regularly and has human editors. Find a directory listing that is related to your website because not all directory listings cater to all topics. Again, pagerank is one thing to consider. By doing this, you'll be able to save money and improve your profits.