Everyone that lands on your website is a potential customer. Instead of having them jump to the next site of interest, there are ways of making sure that they stick around and browse through your other pages.

Below are some of the ways that you can have these visitors stay a little longer and hopefully be frequent visitors or even followers.

Make every page a landing page. Google indexes every page you have and when they end up in the search engines, depending on your SEO efforts, they can land on different pages and not just your home page. Remember that every page in your site should be treated as a landing page. Develop your pages to look as if it were the first page that visitors will see.

Publish more true content. A lot of people use link bait to get people to their site. It's a strategy of getting people there in the first place. However, if your site doesn't really have the information the customer wants, they'll just be upset and leave your site immediately. So be sure to link bait carefully. It may damage your reputation.

If you say it, do it. We often promise readers something if they click on our links. If you promise them a free report, or a solution, or an informational article, don't make them buy them at the end of all your marketing pages. You need to give some to get some. If you promise you can teach them how to play chess by reading your post, then teach them how to play chess, or at least give them some pointers to do better at chess. This is short of saying that you shouldn't lie in you post titles. Readers will never trust you again if you're using a lot of misleading headlines.

Avoid teasing, or at least minimize it. You can be tempted to do some introductory paragraph do brace the reader for something that you're actually presenting. You may ask them questions to lead them on, making them think that you understand them. Don't prolong this too much. Sometimes readers want to get straight to the point. It's better to get down to business and stop flirting.

It's great that you get to have readers in your site. But remember that it's just as important, or even more important, to get them to stay and return for more.