Operating a site means you'll have to have readers. Getting readers from links and search engine results may already give you a leg up. However, it's maintaining them that should be one of your priorities.

In order to keep your readers or "accidental" visitors, you have to keep your readers or visitors interested by following a few simple tips.

Always keep things fresh. Most readers come back in order to see updates. If you'll go on a month without at least an update, your readers may decide to look for something more interesting. Nowadays, almost every site updates their news or blog at least once day. Heck, there's even some that does more than that. You can entertain your readers with news or current events.

Share what you know. If you know something, share it. People appreciate that. However, make sure that what you know is somehow important to people reading it. Always make a point to make content that's worth reading.

Have a sense of Humor. A lot of people want to be entertained. That's why we turn on the radio when we drive. We listen to music; we listen to DJ's crack jokes. People like to be entertained even when they're in front of the computer.

Be unique. Though I may already sound like a broken record by saying this, I'll still emphasize that you need to be unique. People often read to know other's points of view. As an "expert" in your field, they would want to know what your opinion is on certain matters. Remember, it doesn't always have to conform to your readers' opinions. That way, if one of your readers disagrees, you can engage in a healthy exchange of comments.

Write something that people want to read. Create an article for readers, not spiders. There's really no point stuffing articles with keywords that may be able to pull in readers on the first round but fail to deliver in the next rounds. People are smart enough to know if an article really has value to them.

Share technical expertise. If you're an expert in something, share it. If you're not, find someone who knows what he's talking and have him make some content for you. Well, another way would be to write about someone sharing an opinion, what with he being an expert and all, about something he's expert in.

Encourage them. Ask and you shall receive. Did you ever ask your readers to come back? A simple "come back for the next issue of..." You may be surprised that there are readers that actually respond to these requests. Perhaps you should try "Bookmark us by pressing Ctrl + D."

Improve your design. How your site looks also affect your readers desire to stay or go. Make sure that it doesn't look like something that came out of the ADs Section of a newspaper. Also, you might consider putting in some plug-ins that may enable your readers to easily share your site. Put in some twitter, Facebook or even blogger plug-ins. People won't hesitate to share things that they find entertaining, informational and helpful.

Keep your readers coming back. Even if you don't make a sale, or even if they don't click your ads, sooner or later, someone's bound to come back and say, "Hey, that's just what I need!"