It is very important to increase your website presence through linkbuilding. Not only does it increase your readers, it also increases your chances of making money in the internet.

In order to increase your website presence, you need to do linkbuilding. Below are some linkbuilding strategies that will certainly be helpful to you.

Submit Articles. Submit articles on your niche topic and submit it to article directories for backlinking. Aside from getting links back to your site, you also get a lot of readers should people stumble on those articles. These articles are good sources of links as well as visitors.

Squidoo Lenses. Similar to submitting articles, create Squidoo lenses with links to your site. It only takes less than 20 minutes to create one. Another site similar to Squidoo is Hubpages.

Social Media Profiles. With Social media running rampant in the internet today, it only makes sense to make use of these opportunities to create links for your site. Places where you can create those links are through your profile pages.

Social Bookmarking. Another way to get your site noticed are social bookmarking sites. These sites are mainly for creating bookmarks across the web for sites that are interest the user.

Blog Creation. Because of the abundance of Web2.0 sites that can have you easily setup your own blog within 20 minutes, that's only short of telling that you can have your links published for free. Though these sites are not exactly created for this purpose, it's certainly one way of taking advantage of this opportunity.

Use signatures in forums. Forums have an option to use signatures when signing into forums. Most would use quotations, sayings, or catch phrases. In this case, instead of using those things, use a link instead to your site. That is if HTML tagging is allowed.

If you really want to improve your website presence, make sure to create links and create a lot of them. After all, you can never get enough links.