As a site owner, you would really feel great watching your site inch its way up in the search engine results pages. Website SEO is an ongoing endeavor and as you continue your SEO efforts, you might be tempted to do some things that may stunt your climb up the SEO ladder.

Do not be misled by marketing strategies and sales pitches that will lure you into doing the following for they will certainly be your undoing.

Black Hat SEO. Time and time again, you have been advised. Always use white hat strategies instead of black hat. I'm not saying that Black hat doesn't pay off. It does. It sometimes does. However, the repercussions of having your site banned from search engines are not really worth it. It would be a pain starting from scratch again.

Overhauling your website. With all the new "user-friendly" platforms, it's only natural for site-owners to shift from one platform to another and overhauling your website. This can be disadvantageous especially if your new site has a very different structure with your old one. In order to overhaul your website properly, be sure to make use of 301 redirects so that you'll be able to maintain the site integrity and not show off as broken links when being crawled by spiders.

Duplicate content. So you see a site that has great content and you decide to copy it. Bad move. This can certainly get you slapped back in your rankings. If you really want that content so bad, why not rewrite it? I'm not suggesting that you spin it, but perhaps you can make another version of it. There are online tools that can help you with ensuring the uniqueness of your work.

Too Few Marketing. Links, links and links. You can only do so much optimizing for your site. Optimizing your site is not going to be enough to get you in the search pages. Again, you'll need links. The more, the better. Take a proactive approach in building links for your site.

Before doing anything drastic to your site, make sure to consult Website SEOs for the best course of action. It would really be a shame to sabotage all your efforts with a few misguided actions.

The intentions are good, but when it comes to SEO, it's the aftermath that counts.