Hold your horses. Before loading up your guns and firing all your efforts toward linkbuilding, be sure to cover your bases first. Before you can send out links to your site, make sure that your site is already SEO friendly.

Here are a simple ways of optimizing your site for search engines. No, we’re not trying to manipulate the results of search engines by doing something in our site. Instead, we’re doing some things to make it “easier” for search engines.

Generate good content. Nothing beats good content. The more you have… the better. The more unique it is… the better.

Fix your Meta Tags. Though a lot would say it doesn’t do good, it’s better to do it and find out it has weight than not do it and find out that it does.

Create unique keyword-targeted title tags on your pages. If you must put your company somewhere in the site, put it at the end.

Keep up to date. Keep your site fresh by generating content on a regular basis. Fresh content adds to your sites relevancy on specific queries.

Be sure to link internally. Create your own mini-net within your own subdomains.

Always link back to your domain. Similar to linking internally, be sure that every page you have is able to link back to your site.

Use keyword-rich URLs. Instead of using numbers and dates in naming your pages, be sure to include keywords that you’re trying to rank for.

Create a sitemap. Aside from making it easier for your visitors to navigate through your site, it will make it easier for robots/crawlers as well.

Give each page one target keyword phrase. Don’t optimize a page for many keywords.

Keyword Captions. If you have photos in your site, make sure to use your keywords when providing captions.

Add widgets to your site. These tools can make it easy for visitors to share.

Widen your services to videos, podcasts, news and even social media. SEO is now more than just blue links in your site.

Optimizing your site is a must before doing off page optimization. Once you’re done with these things, you can now have fun with linkbuilding.