Article submission has always been one of the main activities in doing website SEO. These days you see sites that offer article submission services. One of the most prominent examples is Ezine. Now, you can see other sites as well that basically offer the same service.

One of the purpose of sending out articles is to create links that would users back to us. Not to mention that search engines rank your popularity depending on how many backlinks you have in the internet. Though links may have been the most primary concern of most webmasters, let us not forget that articles also serve another purpose and that is to provide content.

You may well be able to write a good article but unless you have a good title, no one will be able to read it. So how do you choose your title? Are you using the right keywords?

Let’s see an example:

Dog Training – Though this one may be a popular title, it doesn’t really say much about the article. Your title should be able to tell the reader what to expect when they take a first glance at your title. It should be able to lure people in.

Home Dog Training – This may be an improvement over the first one because it adds another aspect of Dog Training. However, there’s still so much information about home dog training. What is it about? Let’s see the next example.

Home Training Your Dog To Stop Biting – Now this one’s a lot better. It tells the potential reader what the article is about. From the title itself, clearly it’s saying that you’ll find information on how to train your dog to stop biting and anyone can do this at home.

An article only has value if someone is able to read them. By choosing the right words, you’ll be able to win the first half of the battle. The next thing is to be able to deliver what you promised through your titles. Then again, that would be a nice topic for another post.