All these talk about social media marketing and Facebook always comes at the top. Has anyone bothered to ask why it should be Facebook? Anyway, here’s a couple (a lot!!!) of reasons why Facebook has been the favorite choice of marketers and why it should be your favorite as well if you’re planning to put up a business or start an internet marketing scheme.

Microsoft showed a $240 Million interest in Facebook. That would mean a lot of activities and you can expect advertisers to follow.

Event Creation. In Facebook, it’s very easy to share and invite people to an event. People can RSVP through your Facebook Events as well.

The Facebook Ads. Setting up a Facebook Ad is very easy. What’s great about it is you can target people with the same interests. If you are trying to sell something about sports, Facebook has their own algorithms that will have your ads pop up on people that are interested with sports.

Facebook Pages. You can create a page, depending on the type you want, you can have a page for a local business, a fan page, a community page, so basically, it covers everything that you would want to market.

Facebook is now more popular than porn! Would you believe this? Recent surveys have shown results that college students access Facebook more than they do porn.

Very easy to share. If you have a Facebook account, you’ll probably notice how easy it is to share pictures, links, videos, and even notes. A simple share button will send to all your friends.

FBML. For those who want to put up their site inside Facebook, they now have a static HTML web page editor where you can control HTML code. FBML is actually “Facebook + HTML”.

As you can see, there may be a lot of social media networks available to you know. However, if you want to reach out to as many people as you can, you might as well get a Facebook account.