Everybody knows that you need content for your site. Instead of looking at other sites and see what you can copy (for lack of a better term), here are some article ideas which can certainly help you create more content for your site.

How To Guide… If you know how to do something, write about it. It doesn’t have to be something that an expert knows. You’d be surprised at how many people would be searching guides like “how to replace a doorknob,” or “how to ride a bike.”

Advantages and Disadvantages… People like to know both sides of the coin when they’re getting something. In fact, it doesn’t have to be about things. You could talk about, “The Pros and Cons Of Backpacking.”

10 Reasons To… Compared to the article idea before this, this is much more of a one sided approach. If it were on the debate, you’d be on the affirmative side. Write about the reasons why things should be as they are or why should buy this, or why you need plenty of rest.

5 Mistakes To Avoid… Create an article that would help other people avoid mistakes that you’ve already made. Aside from having some content, you might get a lot of interaction from people that you might have helped.

The Problems With… This is a bit similar to the previous one. Well, the more you can write, the better.

Reviews… Write reviews of every product or service you know. A lot of people have made a living with this strategy alone.

Top 3 Myths about… Put a stop to people believing in things that are not true. I’m sure you already know the most common topic for this, Top Myths About Weight Loss.

Why I Love… You may share personal views about something you love. You may be able to engage in conversations with people who are interested in the same thing.

5 Secrets That… Show people the truth about something. The more intriguing it is, the better.

How To Make Money Using… This will certainly be a hit article especially if you’re showing people how to make money on something. Up to this day, people always search the phrase “how to make money”.

Just plug in your keywords and see what articles might be worth writing. As you may have noticed, this article is also an example of these article writing Ideas. To make it more obvious, this article should be entitled “10 Ways To Write Your Content”.