Each time you hear Website SEO, there’s always one word that keeps on popping up and that would be “keywords”. It only is logical since people use keywords when they are searching in the internet. To them, who may not be familiar with SEO, they just call it search phrases. To those who are trying to rank for those phrases, we call them keywords.

If you’re opting for DIY SEO instead of acquiring Website SEO services, here are a few tips that will certainly get you somewhere within the search pages though not exactly to the top. This also depends on how competitive your keywords are.

Choose The Right Keywords

When choosing keywords for your site, it must be relevant to your sites content. You can’t just go on and on about Botox if your site is supposed to be about cars. There should be a relationship with the words in your site with what your site is supposed to be. If not, it sends mixed signals to search engines and it may affect your rankings negatively.

Choose The Appropriate Domain Name

One way to get a leg up in the search pages is to have the exact keyword phrase in your domain name. In fact, a lot of sites have been getting in the first page of SERPs, if not the first spot, by having the same domain name as the keywords that they are ranking for.

Page Titles Should Contain Your Keywords

In order to add more value to your pages, make sure to use your keywords in your page URLs. Instead of having your pages numerically labeled, use your keywords instead. Have you ever tried Googling certain phrases? Notice that the phrases that you Googled are usually present in the URLs. That in itself says a lot about how search engines choose their results.

Create Useful Keyword Content

Remember that the most important word here is useful. A lot of pages are removed from the search pages for being labeled as spam. In order to be assured of indexing, you must create a keyword-rich content that is also considered useful information. Search engines will ban your page, or worse, your site, if you stuff your content with keywords which doesn’t even mean anything.

Use Keywords For Your Anchor Text

When linking to other pages, instead of just using “here” or “click here” in the anchor text, make use of your selected keywords. Your choice of formatting your keywords somehow affects the weight of those words in the search engines. Additionally, these anchor texts are also useful for your backlinks which is another thing you should be learning about when doing DIY SEO.

If your keywords are highly competitive, which means a lot of other people are also using the same keywords, these tips may not be able to get you at the first page. However, you can be assured that using the tips mentioned above is a sure way to start your DIY SEO process.