Building deep links to your website

Another crucial element to incorporate into your link building is making sure that you deep link – this means that you must link to the inner pages of your site as well as the home page. This will not only rank multiple pages of your site but the effect of this increases Google's 'love' for your site - this is because the linking will look so much more natural than 100 links going to the home page and not 1 single link going to the inner pages - see what I mean?

THis is always the case. If your site is about actors headshots or lead capture then clearly you will have a large proportion of links going to your home page. But, you might have a number of review pages on your site and this is where you should be deep linking. Build links to your inner pages (choose your money pages such as review pages or product recommendations etc) and you’ll see the search engines giving more authority to your site over time.

Aim for no more than 60% of your links to be built to your home page and the remaining 40% to go to your inner pages. Perhaps even 50:50 as a ratio.

AuthorMedical Spa MD